Sustainability heroes in South Africa

Pioneering a new and better way of doing business, that’s the goal of Rocksters South Africa Distributor Mfangano Solutions situated in Johannesburg, working with municipalities and contractors to deliver the right recycling machinery, at the right price, with the best environmental performance.

6 Rockster impact crushers for Pikitup

Beginning of this year, James Kamau sold 6 mobile impact crushers R700S to PIKITUP, Johannesburg's official waste management service provider. Pikitup services the entire 1 625km² that is Johannesburg, keeping the city clean and preserving an attractive and hygienic environment for residents and visitors.

They use the Rockster crushers for producing recyclate used in roads construction and other carbon-based materials. Landfills should be minimized, they want to establish processes of recycling and immediate re-use of the final grain on site. Additionally, transport costs and associated pollutants can be reduced.

R700S in Johannesburg

High quality crushing on limited space

The Rockster R700S mobile impact crusher was specially developed for jobsites with limited space, as is typically the case for metropolitan municipalities.

"The well definable final grain was another argument for purchasing a Rockster crusher. The hydrostatic drive allows a continuous adjustment of the crusher speed and therefore guarantees an optimal modification of the final product,” James Kamau from Mfangano Solutions says.

Mfangano Solutions' products like the Rockster crushers do not only provice environmentally friendly solutions for recycling, they also provide a valuable service – through the promotion of the secondary resources economy. The benefits of stimulating this sector are well documented, in fact it saves costly landfill space, enhances GDP, and creates jobs.

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