R700S in confined space

Demolition recycling in confined space

Rockster-Prallbrecher R700S-Mietmaschine PK-Abbruch Wuerzburg2

The company PK Abbruch situated in Hellmitzheim (district of Kitzingen - Bavaria) is a specialist for any demolition jobs, earthworks, landscaping, civil engineering and channel paving.
PK Abbruch is renting Rockster's most compact impact crusher, the R700S regularly in order to manage demolition jobs especially in confined space. The recycling of demolition material has a high priority for the company and helps the customers to save time and money, as the material can be crushed with the R700S on site and reused as recycled material.
Demolition projects by companies, communities, but also by private builders will be implemented, and it may just come at the latter often challenges due to lack of space.


Rockster-Prallbrecher R700S-Mietmaschine PK-Abbruch WuerzburgHouse demolition near Marienberg Fortress

Because of the narrow entrance of the truck could not enter the construction site behind the Marienberg Fortress in Würzburg. No problem for the tracked mobile crusher - the R700S was quickly unloaded and driven by remote control and underlain by tire as protection for the asphalt to the jobsite. In less than 2 days, the demolition job was done and newly recycled material reused.