Demolition debris & asphalt

R900 polixmair2014 titelFlexible and reliable solutions
Polixmair offers "everything from a single source" - the Rockster impactor R900 is an important part of this business model

In the fall of 2013, the contractors Mr. Polixmair Junior & Senior, decided to buy the Rockster impact crusher R900 including screenbox and return belt. Watch the report about it here
After almost 1 year, the owner tells his impressions and some interesting jobstories.

Approx. 90,000 tons of construction waste on "Semmelrock" construction site

Recent big project is the demolition work and waste recycling of a huge Semmelrock plant that was closed in Traismauer (Lower Austria). From the preparation (chiseling work, scaling, etc.) to the final material - separated from iron - Polixmair offers everything from one source. 
Five major road trains with iron have already been sorted out with the iron magnetic separator of the R900 crusher. The project is planned on 4 periods each 5 weeks (including preparation time), with each more than 20,000 tons of construction waste to be processed. Especially floor slabs and paving stones with a length of about 300-400mm are crushed, the majority of the final material has 0-16mm in diameter and will be picked up and sold by the gravel company Weber/Austria.

Rockster R900 prallbrecher asphalt-recyclingThe second focus - asphalt recycling

In addition to the recycling of concrete and demolition debris Polixmair is specialist in asphalt recycling and therefore he only uses the Rockster R900 impactor. His clients are mainly asphalt mixing plants. He crushes old asphalt/RAP with lengths of up to 1000mm with the use of screenbox and return belt to a final grain size of 0-16mm. This recycled asphalt is used in full for the new production of asphalt, that saves the mixer a lot of money for bitumen and also protects the environment..

Hydraulic concept simplifies individualization

"Especially when it comes to asphalt recycling, it is important for us to produce high-quality final grain and meet all our clients' requirements. Due to the hydraulic concept of Rockster machines, the speed of the crusher, the conveyors, the screen,... everything can be continuously adjusted, so it is simple to adapt perfectly to every material and grading curve without much effort. The crusher is also very easy to operate and maintenance work on the machine can be done quickly and effectively," concludes Polixmair jun.

We thank Mr. Polixmair for his time and valuable information.