R900 in Argentina

Trans-Plus Argentina provides best quality grain with Rockster's advanced technology

This contractor sets a benchmark in certified recycled material produced with his Rockster impact crusher R900.

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Trans-Plus SRL is a young growing company with 100 employees and is making a mark in clean, crushed recycled material. Something just starting off in South America. Since early 2013, Trans-Plus is the proud owner of a Rockster R900 with a screen box and return belt and the owners are highly satisfied with their new crushing plant: "Our Rockster machine has been a great choice of Austrian technology, compact all-inclusive machinery and multi-functionality. We have many off-site jobs where we have to clean, crush and screen material and this type of all-in-one machine concept has really been a good tool," says production manager for Trans-Plus Mr. Emilio Emiliozzi. The company crushes many different types of material, adapted to clients requirements. They started off crushing general skip waste and now they are involved with a job at a Kiln crushing the residual of coke for use on a general mix of "filler" for road base material.

Trans-Plus benefits from new regulations for road building resources

The Argentinean government is trying to solve a very common problem in many South America countries: What to do when torrential rains come and roads are wiped out? They are discovering that many subcontractors use high quantities of plastic or mud based material, which when it comes in contact with water, expands and does not hold the compacted material together, causing many dangerous roads to disintegrate. As a consequence many deaths due to flash flooding causing greater damage as huge chunks of material float down rivers with terrible consequences. The problem also lies in the fact that subcontractors do not purchase the material at quarries due to the long distances and are always looking for cheaper "sources" of base material. One solution the government is working on is to open access to better quality material due to better methods and technology in recycled road building material. There is cubic, clean and plastic free material widely available as a natural source, but prevented due to the lack of technology. Rockster's advanced technology crushers assure a high quality final grain, perfectly usable as base material for road building.

Trans-Plus is working with the central government on the novel project of certifying recycled material for non-structural building use and has to perform many laboratory tests with its final grain. "After demonstrating the clean material our Rockster crusher R900 was producing, we began to sell to local municipalities and they now only want our recycled material," says Mr. Luciano Emiliozzi, general manager for Trans-Plus. That is a great competitive advantage for the contractor.

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