R1100D in Denmark

New Recycling Yard – New Crushing Plant

Rockster-R1100D-Maldgaard-Denmark 01

Rockster impact crusher R1100D convinced the owners of  new recycling center in Esbjerg (Denmark), especially with high output and high-quality final grain

The brothers Christensen from Tjæreborg in Denmark opened a new recycling center in Esbjerg this year, where they mainly recycle asphalt, concrete, bricks and other construction debris. They have been active in the recycling business for a long time and have experience in mobile crushing plants. Lately they weren’t satisfied with the output of their old jaw crusher and separate screening plant anymore, as they could only produce about 400 tons per 8-hour workday of the most popular grain with a diameter of 0-32mm.

The demonstration convinced

Rockster's Danish distributor, Meldgaard Handel A / S from Aabenraa, is a long time business partner of Christensen and presented the Rockster R1100D. "I suggested that we demonstrate the impact crusher R1100D with a screen box and return belt on their recycling yard, because I was personally completely convinced that exactly this impact crusher would be perfect for their requirements," says sales manager Klaus Meldgaard. And Meldgaard had not promised too much with an increase of final material of more than 100%. Already on the first day 900 tonnes were reached and already on day 2 they crushed 1,200 tonnes of final material 0/32mm. But above all the entrepreneurs were immediately very satisfied with the quality of the crushed grain: "The high quality cubic 0/32 mm material has been propagated quite fast and Christensen now has several new customers, specifically requesting the hiqh-quality 0-32mm grain" notes Klaus Meldgaard.

Rockster-R1100D-Maldgaard-Denmark 02

The Rockster screening system replaces the screening plant

The Rockster crushing plants can be supplemented with a screening system consisting of screenbox and return belt, and makes crushing and screening possible on one mobile plant. Brothers Christensen can use it to crush the 0/32 grain directly, saving a further screening plant, as well as re-loading and crushing of oversized material. Including screenbox and return belt the R11000D weighs not even 40 tonnes and can be easily transported without special permits. The continuous variable rotor speed, good maintenance access and ease of use of the Rockster crusher were some more purchase criteria for Christensen.