Petra-Trans with new R700S

Inhaber-mit-R700S owners-with-R700S

Hands-on mentality made the decision

Maximum reliability on each operation is the philosophy of family Drucker and of Rockster Recycler. The impactor R700S and its team behind have convinced the owner of Petra Trans.

The family company “Petra Trans”, situated in Lower Austria, is a strong transport and demolition business and owns a remarkable fleet of trucks and construction machines: 8 excavators, 2 wheel loaders, 6 trucks in various sizes, a variety of smaller machines like vibratory plates, rollers or concrete cutting machines, and since the end of August 2014, a new Rockster R700S Impact crusher. On the company grounds covering a surface area of 7,000 square meters any debris can be delivered and will be recycled in accordance with strict guidelines for commercial waste collectors and processors.


R700S-Asphaltbrechen asphalt-crushing


Extension of the contractors business 

Due to increasing demand of recycled material or crushed natural stone like granite, Petra Trans decided to buy a crusher instead of further renting one. After several tests, Petra and Rainer Drucker finally bought Rockster's most compact crusher in the portfolio, the impactor R700S with screen box and return belt. "A transport weight under 24 tons was very important for us, because we can transport the crusher with our own loaders and so we are very flexible. With the screen box, we can also produce very fine quality grain, which often is essential for customers," says Rainer Drucker. Final concrete grain is mainly used for substructure with a size of 0-63mm diameter, for fine-grading they screen the material to 0-32mm. The most favourite final materials of Petra Trans customers are RAP with 0-22mm or 0-16mm.


Transport-R700S-Siebbox-separat screenbox-separateMinimum transportation costs and Just-In-Time Processing

The processing of natural stone is a further business of Petra Trans. Only 8 km from the company premises there’s located a granite quarry. From this quarry they buy granite with 120-150mm diameter and crush it on demand. "The transport costs are minimal and we do not produce much material stockpiled, but crush the required quantity in the desired grain size just when it’s needed. Very popular is granite with a diameter from 0-4 mm, used as screed sand, 4-8mm grain for paving and of course the 0-32mm granite grain for substructures and fine-grading at paving, street or road construction," says Petra Drucker. 

The family is convinced

Son and engineer in charge for the Rockster R700S impact crusher, Manuel Drucker, is excited about the new Rockster crushing plant. With the new central control you can optimize the crusher for any material and the remote one is so flexible that you could do the whole crushing process, including excavating and removal of the final product as a one-man-show.
Petra and Rainer Drucker also mark: "We were convinced by the reliability and the know-how of the Rockster distribution, you just feel just well served."