R1100DS In The Historic Mardin

The impact crusher R1100DS shows its strengths in the largest limestone quarry in the province of Mardin in South-East Turkey

R1100DS Limestone-in-Mardin web-titel

Mehmet Bastas is owner of a very successful Turkish road construction company based in Mardin, in the south-east of Turkey.

The ancient city is located about 20 km north of the border with Syria and not far from that to Iraq. The beautiful center, as well as the sights in the province of Mardin, show their special historical and cultural wealth, spared from any attacks or devastation.

Dara-Anastasiopulis Mardin webThe ruins of Dara-Anastasiopolis, an East Roman fortress city, are still a symbol of the importance of this area in Late Antiquity.

The monastery Zafaran is another historical attraction of Mardin and has its origins as early as 2000 BC. 

"The cultural and religious diversity in this area did really impress me. Thanks to our new customer Mehmet Bastas I gained an insight into this multi-religious part of Turkey. The co-existence is perfectly easy and the success of the company Bastaslar also shows that the economy is doing well, especially in regenerating and extending the infrastructure," says Wolfgang Kormann, who visited the new Rockster customer in Mardin.

First R1100DS in Mardin

Although Rockster's long-standing Turkish dealer Alfamobil has already sold many Rockster plants in Turkey, no Rockster crusher has worked in this area of Mesopotamia so far. Mehmet Bastas, owner of Bastaslar Insaat Ltd, discovered Rockster through Alfamobil and rented an R1100 impact crusher for his limestone quarry. After a month he was fully convinced of the machine, so he ordered a new R1100DS this summer. "The compactness and the simple transport have really impressed me. My operators like the easy handling of the new crusher and the quick set-up, the machine is put into operation within 10 minutes. Moreover, the overload protection of the crushing chamber is a very useful system, thus to avoid blockages and to improve the material flow," explains Mehmet Bastas, who has many years of experience with mobile crushing systems.

R1100DS Mardin Alfamobil-Bastalar-Rockster webLimestone Processing For Road Construction

In the limestone quarry of Bastaslar, Rockster's R1100DS has been working since the beginning of September. Equipped with the screen box RS104 and the double-functional return / stockpile belt RB95 the machine crushes limestone with edge lengths of up to 700mm to 0-35mm final grain.

Mr. Bastas is satisfied: "With a daily output of approx. 2,000 tons, our daily needs are easily covered. We regularly use the pre-screening system in order to remove the sandy part and receive a very high-quality cubic final grain in one pass and thus the best base material for our road construction projects.”

Rockster goes Bermuda

Current Rockster Mission: More Carebbean Feeling

Rockster’s R1100D working in Bermuda where they build a new airport terminal

Rockster-R1100D-Impact-Crusher-Bermuda 02

It is high season on the British Island in the North Atlantic and a lot of tourists come here to relax and enjoy this beautiful archipelago. To keep Bermuda a popular travel destination the infrastructure must be maintained, building a new terminal at the airport is one of such current projects.

One of Rockster’s best dealers in North America, Equip Sales & Leasing Corp. situated in North Haven, CT sold the Rockster R1100D impact crusher to his customer in Bermuda who was ordered to process several areas at the airport for this terminal renewal plan. “The customer in Bermuda decided to buy the Rockster because it was one of the few machines in his price range that was able to produce consistent 2” minus material for his job. His job included crushing approx. 100,000 cubic yards of material that he excavated, the material mainly consisted of a sandy coralline mixture but there was also some high strength concrete from the taxiways”, says Joe Collazo, sales manager at Equip Sales.

Crushed Material Immediately Reused

During the excavation process material was stock piled and prescreened, the remaining 2 inch plus material was mixed with the concrete to be crushed. Once the excavating was complete the crushed material was then reinstalled and compacted in 1 foot layers, these layers had to meet 100% compaction because they would be driving steel pilings into it during the next phase of job.

R1100D Shows Excellent Performance

The customer from Bermuda purchased the 3 years old impactor Rockster R1100D in May this year and is fully satisfied with the output and the little wear and maintenance efforts. The handling of the crusher is easy for the operators and the screening system for 100% defined final grain is the perfect addition for them, they decide case-by-case to use it or not just by removing or installing the screen in the screen box.

Rockster-R1100D-Impact-Crusher-Bermuda 01 web Rockster-R1100D-Impact-Crusher-Bermuda 03 Rockster-R1100D-Impact-Crusher-Bermuda 04

R700S Crushing Asphalt on a Glacier

Rockster Impactor R700S in Airy Heights!

Use of mobile crushing technology at a sea level of 2800 meters

The company Richard Grüner GmbH from Tyrol is currently doing maintenance and repair work at the foot of the glacier „Tiefenbach“ in the ski resort Sölden / Hochsölden using their new impact crusher R700S from the Austrian manufacturer Rockster Recycler. It is a very robust machine with compact transport measurements and low dust or exhaust emission. The perfect crusher for a challenging jobsite on a sea level of 2,800 meters where it’s used to process asphalt for the local owner of the lifts and funiculars „Ötztaler Gletscherbahn GmbH“.

R700S Asphalt Glacier 2800m “It is essential to work fast and efficiently in the very few summer months where the glacier is accessible”, says Richard Grüner. “The low air pressure and oxygen were a big challenge for man and machine, working on a sea level of almost 3,000 meters is just not the same as in flat terrain,” he says. “Though the Rockster crusher did a very good job, we received 100% optimum final grain with a size of 0-22mm using the closed circular with screen box and return belt.”
To reach the jobsite on the glacier it was necessary to pass the road via serpentines, this was no problem at all for the compact machine. The low weight and optimum transport dimensions were an important purchasing aspect for Grüner, since the R700S can be brought to their construction sites in the high alpine areas in a short period of time.

Out of season Richard Grüner and his team use the R700S for many jobs in the municipal area, mainly for crushing demolition debris for reuse in construction project as a valuable raw material.

Experience after 6 months of operation

The new impact crusher R700S was a very important investment in the future for Richard Grüner GmbH. Mr. Grüner is very satisfied after more than 6 months of operation with the crushing plant. Thanks to the optional screening system consisting of the vibrating screen RS73 in combination with the patent-protected double-functional return / stockpile belt RB65 the R700S provides a 100% defined final grain. Through a simple lever movement the return belt can be used as stockpile belt to receive one more final fraction. In the rapidly growing area of demolition waste recycling, this flexibility and high quality grain are important competitive advantages. The track-mounted R700S has been specially developed for applications where space is limited - such as in the case of inner-city construction sites or narrow delivery paths. Due to the optimal dimensions and low weight, the R700S can be transported quickly and easily from one construction site to the next. For the company Grüner, it is the perfect combination of compactness with maximum performance and allows flexible recycling operations on asphalt, concrete and other demolition debris, as well as processing of natural stone.

A further decision criteria for purchasing the R700S was the easy maintenance and optimum accessibility for all service and repair work. The large openings also allow optimal ventilation of the engine pack and cooling. The drive system is located in the rear of the machine and is sound-proofed. This noise reduction is also a valuable advantage on inner city job sites.

For the company of Mr. Grüner, with more than 35 employees in Tyrol's Ötztal, the investment is also an important step into a new business. Construction waste recycling and landfilling of defined fractions for reuse in the construction area is a growing industry. “It helps protecting natural resources and saving money,” is Mr. Grüner convinced. “However, politicians and the Austrian law should even make more efforts on establishing appropriate directives to better support this burgeoning industry.”



Steinexpo 2017

Rockster is the trend!

A highlight every 3 years - the trade fair in the active basalt quarry!
The Steinexpo customers showed great interest in the new R180S impact crusher

Rockster Recycler SteinExpo2017 IMG 2157 web

The résumé after this year's SteinExpo: "We expected a lot! And these expectations have even been exceeded."

Many interested visitors, especially from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, but also from the Asian region, had the possibility to see the R1000S live in action and get a closer look at the new crusher. Especially the new features improving the user-friendliness and the reduction of maintenance costs were of great interest.

"The feedback from the discussions was very positive," says Norbert Feichtinger, sales manager of Rockster Recycler. "We had very good conversations with potential customers and will invest a lot of time in personal meetings and demos this fall. With our product range, we seem to meet precisely the requirements of the industry more and more."

New Impactor R1000S was a Visitor Magnet

Highlight of the Rockster booth was the recently developed mobile track mounted impact crusher R1000S. With the patent protected double functional return belt and the DUPLEX-system*, which allows a wider range of application by interchange of the crusher units, the R1000S represents the future of professional crushers.

The versatile setting options ensure excellent final grain quality. The double deck pre-screen with a screen mesh produces an additional salable product.

The hydraulically and vertically adjustable magnetic separator, the hydraulically lowerable screen box and the swiveling catwalk guarantee a great ease of operation and maintainability. The up-and-over lift system of the side and back doors enables an easier accessibility and saves space.

The technical highlights are a stepless variable, fully hydraulic gap adjustment with integrated measuring system as well as the automatic load-dependent, stepless regulation of the conveying speed and a new fixed hammer. The newly developed central control- and operating-system with a multifunctional color display and the auto start and stop function provide an increased operating and safety comfort.

Rockster Recycler SteinExpo2017 IMG 7211 web

Because of the compact transport measurements – length 10,1 m/33.2 ft, width 2,55 m/8.4 ft and height 3,2 m/10.5 ft – and the weight of 30,4 tons/67,000 lbs, it is possible to transport the Rockster R1000S without any special authorization.
It takes just 10 minutes to unload the impact crusher and put it into operation. If the transport includes the optional screening system the dismantling of the return belt and screen box is not necessary. It is also possible to transport the machine with screening system without a special permit because of the transport measurements – length 14,0 m/46.0 ft, width 2.83 m/9.3 ft and 3.2 m/10.5 ft height and weight of 34,9 tons/77,000 lbs.

The fact that all three exhibited crushers were delivered directly from the fair to their new owners shows that Rockster is on the right path in the "Mobile Crushers" segment. Mainly because of the good performance, the user-friendliness and the excellent transportability.

As the SteinExpo is almost exclusively visited by specialists, its success is always a good benchmark for the market’s future development.




R1200D - Einsatz vor beeindruckendem Panorama

Rockster´s Duplex-System punktet in der Schweiz

Biedermann Unterhalt- und Vertriebs AG hat mehr als 35 Jahre praktische Erfahrung im Bereich „Brechen und Sieben“. Anfang des Jahres entschied sich Biedermann´s Kunde Kieswerk Casaccia AG für die Anschaffung eines mobilen Prallbrechers. Auf der Suche nach der geeigneten Maschine für ihr breites Anforderungsprofil entdeckten Sie das DUPLEX-System von Rockster. Nach eingehender technischen Studie dieses Duplex Systems ist die Entscheidung eigentlich schnell gefallen, kann doch mit diesem System sowohl Hartgestein als auch Asphalt etc. gebrochen werden ohne eine 2. Maschine anzuschaffen.

„Dieses einzigartige System bringt unserem Kunden einen enormen Wettbewerbsvorteil und spart sehr hohe Transportkosten“ sagt Lorenz Biedermann, Geschäftsinhaber von Biedermann Unterhalt und Vertriebs AG. Durch das identische Antriebssystem können beide Einheiten auf demselben Grundrahmen installiert und innerhalb weniger Stunden ausgetauscht werden. Derzeit wird der Brecher als Backenbrecher betrieben und überzeugt durch seine hohe Durchsatzleistung. Die tolle Kulisse im Hintergrund rundet das Bild perfekt ab.

RocksterR1200 Schweiz

2 x R1100DS für Australien

Auf ins Land der Kängurus

Der australische Rockster Händler Screenmasters machte sich Anfang des Jahres auf den Weg nach Ennsdorf/Oberösterreich um sich von der Weiterentwicklung der Rockster-Anlagen persönlich zu überzeugen. Die Vorteile der neuen Steuerung überzeugten sofort. Nach dem Test der Selbstüberwachung der Maschine im Einsatz war die Kaufentscheidung von zwei Rockster R1100DS (inkl. dem kompakten Kreisschwingsieb RS114 in Kombination mit dem doppelfunktionalen Rückführ-/Haldenband RB95) relativ rasch gefallen. Die beiden Anlagen sind als Ergänzung für seinen bereits bestehenden Mietpark gedacht. Der R1100DS ist durch seine kompakten Transportabmessungen ideal für Vermietungen vor Ort, da er ohne besondere Sondergenehmigungen von A nach B geliefert werden kann - er ist sofort einsatzbereit.


NEW! Rockster impact crusher R1000S - details

The new Rockster R1000S - compact, powerful and user-friendly at the same time!

With many more technical features:

Rockster R1000S details EN

Show Parcours in Deutschland

Show Parcours bei Apolczer-Baumaschinen

Von 24. bis 26. März 2017 fanden die sonnigen Aktionstage auf dem Firmengelände in Neumarkt-Pölling statt

Das Publikum, welches aus Inhabern, Entscheidungspersonen und Maschinisten bestand, war sehr angetan von der Apolczer-Baumaschinen Demonstration. Ausgestellt wurden diverse Siebanlagen von Apolczer sowie der neue mobile Prallbrecher R1000S von Rockster. Das Hightlight war die Brecherkette mit dem vorgeschalteten Backenbrecher, welcher den Rockster Prallbrecher „fütterte“.


Abbildung: Der neue Rockster Prallbrecher R1000S im Einsatz.

Der gebrochene Bauschutt wurde direkt in eine Trommelsiebanlage übergegeben und von dort über ein Haldenband abtransportiert. Die Hausmesse war für Apolzcer überaus interessant konnte er doch auf sehr engem Raum eine Vielzahl verschiedener Maschinen von den verschiedensten Herstellern zeigen. Das eingeladene Fachpublikum war sehr gut ausgewählt handelte es sich dabei doch ausschließlich um branchenerfahrene Personen mit Entscheidungsbefugnissen. Wir danken Herrn Apolzcer für diese Hausmesse und versprechen jetzt schon bei der Nächsten wieder dabei zu sein.

Conexpo 2017 - Recap

CONEXPO 2017 Las Vegas – Recap

Since 2011 Rockster is part of the expo focusing on construction industries

The great highlight was the presentation of the new Rockster impact crusher R1000S. The crusher is brand new and therefore demonstration of the machine on site was not feasible because of the long shipping time. The feedback was great because of the technical features – “New dimensions in the mobile crushing technology”, was the first statement of many customers.

This year CONEXPO attracted over 140,000 visitors and 2,500 exhibitors from all over the world but with not such a high attendance of South America than the years before.

The event has been a great occasion to present Rockster’s innovations to all our booth visitors.

Rockster demo show 2017 / CHINA

ROCKSTER DEMO SHOW CHINA 2017 was successfully held in Chengdu in January

On 11th of January 2017, the first Rockster demo show in China has been organized in Chengdu at the Rockster customers location, a beautiful place in South West China. Altogether around 80 dealers and target customers coming from all over Chinese provinces and areas joined this event in Chengdu.

In order to share the Rockster product design and development history with all the visitors, the demo show was started with a historical and technical presentation from Mr. Wolfgang Kormann, the CEO of Rockster headquarters. After the presentation the demo show on site was opened with the first demo job: the impact crusher (R900) combined with the scalper (RSS514) was used for the recycling of construction waste, concrete and asphalt as well as for the processing of limestone with about 40% fines. The scalper is still a relatively new product and is gradually being known in China. The material was firstly fed into RSS514 and separated into 3 different sizes: 0/32, 32/70 and over 70mm. The material with the size over 70mm was directly fed into the R900 through the oversize belt of RSS514 and finally proceeded into the final product size of 0/32. Through the demo job all the visitors have seen how the Rockster equipment could recycle the waste material into 2 different fine product sizes which could be reused for the road basement, construction basement and parking place, etc.

Demoshow China (3)
Pic: Impact crusher (R900) combined with the scalper (RSS514)

Another new product for this market which was presented is the trommel screen RTT720. This machine was prepared to process top soil because this would be a new potential market in China. In future, the crushing and screening business will not be only involved by construction and demolition projects, but also by processing organic materials as well as woods, etc. Unfortunately there was no top-soil available at this time, therefore the trommel screen RTT720 was presented on site for separation of plastic, wood and other impurities from construction debris.

Demoshow China (5)
Pic: Rockster trommel screen RTT720

Besides the introduction of the new products, the continuity, stability and high efficiency of the working process of impact crushers R1100 and R900 has been also very successfully presented at the demo show. R1100 was operated by the end user with his daily production. The machine runs at least 10 hours a day and recycled concrete for the time being and the end user is very satisfied with the high quality cubic fine material which brings him high profit every day. Meanwhile all the visitors were deeply impressed by the output of the R900, which is the most compact mobile crusher besides the R700S in China.

The demo show came to a successful and satisfactory conclusion with a dinner party for all the visitors and the whole Rockster team. The valuable communications and discussions was highly appreciated since it helps for their New Year´s business plan and decisions. Wolfgang Kormann thanked all the guests and promised to arrange the next demo show in China again soon.

Rockster demo show 2016 / VA

ROCKSTER demo days features seven machines including the new R1100DS

by Jon M. Casey

Rockster® Recycler hosted its first-ever North American Demo Days event December 1 and 2, 2016 at a site within the Rockingham County Fair Grounds facility outside Harrisonburg, VA. Hosted by Rockster Recycler, N.A. and Greenfield Equipment Sales, LLC with support from Lawrence Equipment who provided CASE equipment and operators used during the event.

Looking to build a dealer network across the US, Kormann emphasized his company´s dedication to providing training and service after the sale. He said that by opening a US headquarters in Hammonton, NJ, Rockster Recyclers was prepared to grow equipment sales by taking on experienced dealers who are looking for a line of compact, high producing equipment that offers innovative design features. A few of these include fully hydraulic power and optional features like the company´s patented Duplex system, an optioni that allows for operators to change the unit over from a jaw crusher to an impact crusher in just a few hours.

They also offer their patented closed-circuit system on the R700 and R1100 models. Each crusher can be outfitted with a removable screen box and return/stockpile conveyor. Together, these two accessories allow producers to crush material in "one pass" to produce a marketable product without further crushing or screening. Recyclers often use this feature when crushing recycled concrete as a way to make consistent sub-base material in one pass, with one machine.

Quoting a Newark, NJ newspaper article from November 14th about the future of the construction industry, Kormann told prospective dealers that the new US President´s commitment to improving infrastructure across the US, provides an excellent opportunity for dealers to take on a new line like Rockster. The Rockster product line is one that can help fill the equipment needs of contractors who will be rebuilding the nation´s roads and bridges. "We are lucky to be at the right time, and in the right place", he said.

During the demonstrations, Kormann indicated that Rockster will be planning more demo day events like this one, in the months to come. He believes that dealers and customers benefit more from live demonstrations than in other venues. While no dates have been set, he said that Rockster would hold events like this one to help support their dealer network in both sales and training.

New R1100DS
Friday attendees had the good fortune to see the new R1100DS tracked impactor in action following its overnight trip from the US customs facility at a port in New Jersey. Arriving at midday, the machine was up and running its first material within an hour. It was the first material through this new unit since it was built at the company´s manufacturing plant in Ennsdorf, Austria. While initial startup of new equipment can be met with trepidation and potential equipment failure, the new R1100DS fired up flawlessly and began crushing large boulders with ease.

 The R1100DS has an inlet opening of 44-inches by 29-inches, which not only allows for the infeed of large material, it also offers a high output capacity for varying sized material at rates up to 400 tons per hour. Basic features on the R1100DS include an adjustable bypass chute, magnetic separator, remote control with color-display electronic controller with color display, sound-proofing, a dust suppression system and crusher overload protection. As demonstrated the R1100DS came outfitted with the optional RS114 screen box and the RB95 double-function return belt that fed screened overs back into the infeed hopper for additional crushing. The eventual output of the R1100DS crusher was a 1-1/2 inch-minus aggregate.

Other featured equipment
Crusher demonstrations on Thursday and Friday also included the running of an R700S impactor and an R900 impactor model crusher. The R900 was used to crush recycled concrete, discharging it into a RST18 (27 ft lenght) tracked stacker for discharge onto a nearby stockpile. The R700S was used in conjunction with a RSS514 tracked double deck scalping screen, to process both recycled riprap from a pipeline construction project as well as recycled asphalt material collected from a road resurfacing project, deomnstrating the flexibility of the units for crushing both types of material.

An RTT517 tracked trommel was also on site, specifically to screen a small sample of topsoil material. Despite extensive rainfall the two days prior to the demo days event, the wet soil conditions did not deter the RTT517 from doing its job. Clean, finely screened material cam rolling off the fines belt while chunks of oversized material, twigs and mud-covered rocks cam off the oversize belt.

According to Norbert Feichtinger, Rockster Equipment Engineer, the addition of the trommel line has offered new inroads into sales to recyclers who are looking for a rugged, well-built machine. By listening to the customers´ requests for a product of this kind, Rockster has ventured beyond the basic crushing and screening equipment found in concrete and asphalt recycling operations.

Demo show VA 2016 (1)

Demo show VA 2016

Demo show 1100DS


R800 - Auto-Bau Polen


The company Auto-Bau from Poland has decided to make a lucrative investment

The young company was founded in 2011 and decided to invest in the track-mounted jaw crusher R800 from Rockster. Last year Auto-Bau specialized in the demolition of buildings and old companies and consequently expanded their machine park with a mobile crushing plant. The final grain (0-40) is used as a base for various layers and thus is 100% recycled.

Hand-over of the R800 to the proud owner


Image: l. DOZER owner (Polish Rockster dealer) Mariusz Golebiewski, r. Auto-Bau owner Daniel Bryla

The decision – the unicum

In addition to the challenging recycling of demolition debris the crusher R800 is ideally suited for applications in hard natural stone. As the R800 doesn´t need a special permit for transport, it can be moved within shortest time from one site to another. "The Rockster-Duplex-System is ultimately convincing due to the flexibility of being able to exchange its crusher units – from impact crusher to jaw crusher – on one machine. That expands our potential customer base for the future and thereby increases the utilization of the machine", said the new owner. In this way the R800 jaw crusher can be converted to an R900 impact crusher within a few hours. "For the future we are planning to use the Duplex-System to expand our machine park“, said Daniel Bryla (Auto-Bau) to Mariusz Golebiewski (Polish Rockster dealer).

R900 - Iwersen Germany

Well proven - reinvested

After 10 years and about 8000 operating hours, it was time for a new acquisition

The company Iwersen Recycling-Transport-Civil Engineering from Schönhagen (Northern Germany) was founded in 1984 by Matthias Iwersen as single company and has expanded its portfolio constantly. The main business segments include demolition, construction waste recycling, sewer works, all types of earthworks, gravel and construction machinery transports.

Rockster-Prallbrecher-Impact-Crusher R900 Iwersen 01

Rockster-Prallbrecher-Impact-Crusher R900 Iwersen 02Early recognition of the advantages of construction waste recycling

"In 1997 I bought the first stationary diesel / electric jaw crusher, for that time it was a very modern machine. We have quickly realized that construction waste can be a valuable product and therefore some years later we did also invest in a mobile crushing plant", Matthias Iwersen says.

In the year 2006 the company chose to purchase the Rockster R900 impact crusher, its compact dimensions, the screening system and outstanding price-performance ratio convinced the entrepreneur. "After several machine demonstrations from leading manufacturers, we chose the Rockster crusher because the performance was great and despite low transport weight of under 30 tonnes the crusher had a well distinguished screening system, so we could classify our final grain perfectly," he tells.

With the mobile crushing plant including screen box and return belt Iwersen could crush asphalt, rubble, concrete or virgin stone locally at the customers jobsite or quarry and produce reusable and valuable material. This cuts landfill fees on the one hand and saves natural resources on the other hand. "Over 10 years now we are able to meet the needs of our customers very flexibly and can offer an all-inclusive package, as well as just renting the mobile plant."

Rockster-Prallbrecher-Impact-Crusher R900 Screenbox

Investment in new R900

After 10 years Iwersen can look back on a reliable and uncomplicated machine and beginning of 2016 he decided to buy a brand new impactor R900 with screen box and return belt from Rockster dealer Meldgaard A/S situated in Aabenraa/Denmark close to the German border.

"We were careful with our crusher, did regular maintenance and service works and were really very satisfied with the performance of the old plant. For us the big advantages of investing in the same crushing plant are that all employees know the machine very precisely, we can use existing wearing parts and can avoid machine downtimes. Moreover the new R900 needs less fuel for increased output, it has a stronger impact plate in the inlet, the sealing of the main conveyor was perfected and the magnet is now mounted on a flexible suspension."

For better maintenance and replacement of the screens Iwersen installed 2 hydraulic cylinders on the screen box.


Rockster-Prallbrecher-Impact-Crusher R900 Iwersen 03Differentiate with experience

Main clients of Iwersen are civil engineering and demolition companies, but also agricultural enterprises, which reuse the recycled material themselves.

Most of the time Iwersen and his team recycle demolition debris with the R900, removing earthy material by the pre-screening system and the side conveyor and removing metal by the magnetic separator.

"The favored final fractions of my client base are 0-32mm or 0-45mm, which can be used excellently as frost protection and gravel layers in road construction," explains Iwersen.

His customers appreciate the experience and reliability of the company, so they were able to grow in 3 decades from a single to a medium sized company with very qualified and dedicated employees.

R900 Special construction

Team Baltic Service with Mr. Feichtinger

 R900 special construction for special application

Impactor R900 was customized for coal crushing at the harbor of Latvia

For a client situated in Ventspils in the west of Latvia, Baltic Service (Rockster dealer in Baltic states) needed an impact crusher individualized for extraordinary requirements in coal crushing at a harbor coal handling terminal.

“Our client has to handle an increasing amount of coal transit and therefor he needed additional crushing equipment. The coal comes from Russia in bigger fractions containing metallic parts. It is crushed to fine grain, according to the different needs of the clients and separated from metal what’s essential for high quality coal, before it’s transported to Western Europe by vessel,” says Karlis Vecbastiks, sales manager at Baltic Service.

Rockster-Impact-crusher Prallbrecher-R900 Coal-Crushing-Latvia Kohle-brechen Lettland 05Austrian quality mixed with flexibility

“We chose Rockster because it’s an Austrian high quality manufacturer with a lot of experience in developing crushing solutions. We really like the hydraulic concept and the Duplex system,” says Vecbastiks.

Due to the hydraulic concept of Rockster machines, the speed of the crusher, the conveyors, the screen, etc. can be continuously adjusted, so it is simple to adapt perfectly to every material and grading.

The crusher is also very easy to operate and maintenance work on the machine can be done quickly and effectively. With the Duplex-System, Baltic Service is able to change the R900 Impact Crusher to an R800 Jaw Crusher within a few hours. So the range of applications gets wider with only purchasing an additional jaw crusher unit, the basic machine stays the same.

Rockster-Impact-crusher Prallbrecher-R900 Coal-Crushing-Latvia Kohle-brechen Lettland 03

Modification of the R900

Another reason why Baltic Service decided to focus on Rockster crushers was the possibility for individual modifications on the machine.

Rockster’s technical department developed supplements for the R900 crusher like the extended hopper walls and designed a new system for using the return belt as stockpile belt. These modifications were important for the customer as the crusher is fed using portal cranes, where the clamshell grab capacity is about 9m³. In open position the grabs are much wider than the standard width of the hopper, so the extension of the hopper walls solves the problem of material overflow due to this heavy duty application.

Moreover a stronger magnet was required, and the solution has been found very quickly.


Screening system to define final grain

Rockster-Impact-crusher Prallbrecher-R900 Coal-Crushing-Latvia Kohle-brechen Lettland 02

The production of coal depends on many different requirements specified by the coal owners and the end users. “The finest required fraction at the coal handling terminal is 0-10mm, this is what we receive through the screenbox from the main belt, grain with a diameter of about 10-32 mm is led via the oversize belt to the stockpile belt.

The optional screenbox is crucial for us to get exactly defined final grain,” explains Vecbastiks.  With the modified solution of the return belt, it is very simple for the customer to use it as return as well as stockpile belt.

Bauma 2016

Bauma 2016 - Rockster presents its technological progress

Among many special features, especially the new R1100S attracted the attention of Bauma visitors

From 11 to 17 April, the international construction trade fair of superlatives took place as every 3 years in Munich (Germany). Covering an area of approximately 605.000m²/150acres, 3,400 exhibitors showed innovative impulses for the construction industry. The Austrian manufacturer of mobile crushing and screening plants Rockster Recycler showed great new features at this year's Bauma and was rewarded with excellent feedback and new customers.

On almost 400m²/4,300ft² Rockster presented its current portfolio, live on the show the team presented their mainly sold impact crushers, their biggest one, the impact crusher R1100S and the smallest one, the impactor R700S.
Both crushers could convince the visitors with sophisticated technology, the double functional return / stockpile conveyor, various options and the intuitive new display with quick start function. Above all, in terms of transport dimensions (R700S: 19,3t/42,600lbs & 3,1m/10.2ft height, R1100S: 32,9t/72,600lbs & 3,2m/10.5ft height) Rockster’s designer team considered the needs of the customers, who want to transport their machines as easy as possible and without special permits.

Video Rockster Outdoor Stand - R1100S
Rockster-Bauma-2016 37



New R1100-Range

The new Rockster R1100-range – R1100S, R1100DS, R1100DE – flexible, powerful and equipped with unique features

The current Rockster R1100 portfolio can meet very particular customer requirements, starting with the base system designed with an optimum transport height, or the flexible Duplex solution, up to the extremely fuel-efficient hybrid system.


With the continuous development of the R1100 series Rockster stays on a trend-setting path. Especially this range with an inlet opening of 1100 x 720 mm (44 x 29 in), a massive rotor and a crusher outlet height of about 700 mm (28 in) has good opportunities in the market. “With our progressive technical solutions like the patented Duplex system, the double functional return belt or the first hybrid impact crusher worldwide we can more and more underline our competitiveness compared with national and international companions in the market. All these features are possible with our R1100 range," says Wolfgang Kormann, CEO of Rockster.

Rockster-R1100-Kontrolleinheit dislpay-main-screen

Ready for operation by touch of a button

The impact crushers of the R1100 series are already equipped with many new features, such as the fully hydraulic crushing gap adjustment, the new central control unit or the new radio remote control with display. Very quickly you find the most important operating parameters such as the rotor, feeder or motor speed and can easily adjust them. Moreover, the automatic mode, a quick-start possibility for bringing the system automatically into operation mode, can now be started by remote control as well. The central control unit shows a schematic layout of all processes, which enables a very intuitive machine handling. Not only the conveying speed can be controlled continuously, but also all parameters are separately adjustable, such as crusher speed, speed of vibration feeder, main conveyor, fines conveyor, etc. In addition, the display provides the possibility to save presets for up to 3 different feeding materials.

New Tier4f engines deliver more power and are environmentally friendly

Rockster did a redesign of all machines and can now offer all of its plants both with Tier3, and with Tier4f engine. Experience to date with the new Tier4f engines show that the higher power (23kW / 32hp) has an appreciable effect on the crushing operation. The machine is starting faster, a lower crusher rotation speed is necessary and requires less fuel. The crusher runs smoother, is quieter and the integrated AdBlue system reduces the emission of toxic nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere significantly.

Rockster R1100-ServiceMore output through larger screening surface

Also screen box and return belt for the R1100 series were further improved. The new screen box has been extended by 500 mm (20 in) and the hydraulic cylinders for lowering the screen box facilitate maintenance, cleaning or exchange of meshes tremendously. The patented return belt RB95 can also be used as a stockpile conveyor with a discharge height of about 4 meters (13 ft). Disassembly for transport is not necessary, which in turn ensures a rapid set-up time after unloading.

Rockster at the Bauma

In hall B2 at booth number 214, as well as at the outdoor area 12B.2 and 12B.6 Rockster will present the latest developments at the world’s biggest exhibition for construction machinery, the Bauma in Munich.

Concrete Recycling

Recycling of 100,000 tonnes of highway concrete

"Polixmair Aufbereitungstechnik" sets new benchmarks in the handling of major projects

"Greater flexibility, higher performance, faster implementation of large projects" – this is how Ferdinand Polixmair describes the challenges of the increasingly fast-moving mineral processing business. With 8 employees and a very remarkable machinery fleet, the Polixmair GmbH from Gmunden can compete in the market very well. "We can handle up to 4 major projects in parallel, we have the team and the machines available. Moreover we have no regional restrictions, we cover whole Austria, " explains company owner Ferdinand Polixmair.

Third Rockster crusher in the machinery fleet

By the summer of 2015 Polixmair had 2 out of 3 mobile crushing plants in operation from Rockster. "We have been working with Rockster crushers for about 2.5 years and are very satisfied with the equipment. The two R900 impact crushers are very quick and easy to transport on our own truck, making us flexible and quick in setting up," says Polixmair. Since the mineral processing business is hard and the company doesn’t want to reject projects, the family decided to purchase an even bigger Rockster crusher. Already during the Mawev show in March 2015, they checked out the R1100 series of the Austrian crusher manufacturer and decided some months later to buy an R1100D. It has a significantly larger feed hopper, a 200 mm wider inlet opening and a higher throughput compared to the R900. "To avoid complicated special permits for transport we were looking for a plant with less than 40 tonnes, but still providing good performance. This goal was definitely achieved with the R1100D. With use of screen box and return belt we crush on average 200 tonnes of asphalt per hour to 0-32 mm and about 150 tons of concrete to 0-32 mm. The magnetic separator works properly and the final grain is of excellent quality," explains Polixmair.

Recycling of 100,000 tonnes of highway concrete

A big current project is the reconstruction of the highway A10 in Salzburg, where 100,000 tons of highway concrete need to be recycled. Polixmair got the contract and is currently preparing 5,000 tonnes of concrete per week, producing high quality final material with 0-32mm, which is used for stabilization and fillings in road construction. The project will continue until the summer 2016. "Our new Rockster plant is even more efficient and can handle larger projects in a shorter time", says Polixmair.



R900 Fix Recycling

Styrian demolition specialist Fix Recycling relies on Rockster crusher

After 9 years of rent the entrepreneur bought his first own mobile impact crusher

Fix Recycling specializes in demolition and processing of natural stone, as well as in careful construction waste recycling.
High-quality material such as asphalt, concrete and brick recyclate are generated in the company's own 28,000 m² landfill under very stringent conditions.

Operations Manager Josef Partl jun. lists several reasons for purchasing the R900 Impact Crusher:

  • The easy transport of the crusher, mobility is becoming increasingly important.
  • The 2 hydraulically adjustable swing beams.
  • The infinitely adjustable crusher speed to define the final grain perfectly.
  • The well-designed distance between the crusher outlet and the main conveyor.
  • The main conveyor protection in the crushing unit.

Fair billing creates good customer relations

Josef Partl has equipped his Rockster crushing plant with a weighing system and can thus offer his customers an hourly rate per tonne very straightforward. Regardless of the time that is required, the customer pays exactly the amount of final grain that he has available.

Video R900 Fix Recycling:



Rockster Dealers Day 2015

"Come together" - was the motto of the first international Rockster Dealers Day

Exchange of experience and networking were the major objectives

A sensational day with sharing Rockster's values, new information about the machines and future developments, awards, proper machine demonstrations and a lot of fun.

Mr. Kormann comments the event: "We appreciate the commitment and dedication of every Rockster dealer.  At the dealers day we wanted to show them that we are already a strong and very international community. The day was a good mix of knowledge and value transfer, networking and fun. The feedback from our partners is more than positive and the motivation is really noticeable. We are proud of our constant development and are looking forward to new international family members."

Rockster-001_DSC6759Rockster-005_DSC6766Rockster-036_DSC6777Rockster-040_DSC0448Rockster-041_DSC6782Rockster-066_DSC0463Rockster-097_DSC6833Rockster-104_DSC0504Rockster-118_DSC0523Rockster-142_DSC0553Rockster-147_DSC0558Rockster-149_DSC0560Rockster-151_DSC0562Rockster-152_DSC0564Rockster-156_DSC0570Rockster-169_DSC0576Rockster-175_DSC0580Rockster-182_DSC0588Rockster-201_DSC0616Rockster-233_DSC0665Rockster-240_DSC0676Rockster-243_DSC0681Rockster-248_DSC0687Rockster-251 (1)Rockster-251 (2)Rockster-251 (3)Rockster-251 (4)Rockster-251 (5)Rockster-251 (6)Rockster-251 (7)Rockster-252_DSC0692Rockster-262_DSC0702Rockster-276_DSC0722Rockster-287_DSC0735Rockster-293_DSC0741Rockster-308_DSC0759Rockster-320_DSC0773Rockster-324_DSC0777Rockster-328_DSC0783Rockster-336_DSC0792Rockster-338_DSC0794Rockster-349_DSC0807Rockster-362_DSC0821Rockster-371_DSC0830Rockster-374_DSC0833Rockster-378_DSC0839Rockster-379_DSC0841Rockster-396Rockster-409_DSC6877Rockster-454_DSC6898Rockster-456_DSC6900Rockster-461_DSC6907Rockster-494_DSC6942Rockster-627_DSC7016Rockster-648_DSC7034Rockster-660_DSC0992Rockster-665_DSC0998Rockster-695_DSC1041Rockster-699_DSC7089Rockster-758_DSC7175Rockster-759_DSC7176Rockster-760_DSC7177Rockster-770_DSC7189Rockster-780_DSC7199Rockster-791_DSC7210Rockster-814_DSC7233Rockster-831_DSC7250Rockster-833_DSC7255Rockster-Dealers-Day-2015_titel



New partner in Spain

EMSA is new representative for Rockster in Spain 

Emsa-locationsEstudios Comerciales e Industriales de Maquinaria S.A. (EMSA) is a family owned company specialized in distribution of construction equipment, founded over 25 years ago. In addition to the headquarters in Pinto-Madrid, they have bases in Barcelona, Asturias and Lisbon (Portugal). EMSA employs 75 persons covering sales, logistics/spare parts, administration and mainly technicians with a lot of experience who support customers throughout Spain and Portugal. “Always close to our customers”, is the motto of the Spanish distributor, providing a 24 hours / 7 days availability to the clients. 

Market expansion with Rockster crushers

EMSA is supplying crushing and screening solutions since 2002 to the Spanish market and became the market leader in this business with large scale plants, supplying more than 400 mobile crushers and screens. As the focus of Rockster is on the production of very compact crushing equipment, it is a perfect complementary partner. “We clearly identified that we need to complement our existing product line with a manufacturer of compact and easy to transport mobile crushers and screens. We consider the segment of mobile recycling as having great importance and searched for mobile solutions between mainly 20-30 tons machines, as it has a high potential in Spain and Portugal in the future,” says Alberto Fontana Sanchez, CEO of EMSA. He knew Rockster quite well because the crusher producer already sold a lot of units before the crisis in Spain. He adds: “Spanish customers are very satisfied with Rockster machines, they are very robust, simple to operate and maintain.”

EMSA-Rockster R900 Demolition-DebrisNew R900 for demonstrations

EMSA wants to enter the market with a new Rockster impact crusher R900 with screening system to demonstrate the strengths of the machine to potential Spanish customers. “We are convinced that 95% of the compact mobile crushers will be equipped with a close circuit system in the future, as the customers can define their final grain without having any oversize material”, says Fontana Sanchez.
Rockster sales manager Norbert Feichtinger is very confident: “I am sure that the new cooperation with EMSA is the right step to expand our market share in Spain. They have a highly competent after sales team and a lot of know how in the crushing and screening business. Moreover I think the best way to sell a crusher is to show it on a live demo, so the customer can see the machine working and open questions can be clarified. EMSA is a very professional partner with hands-on mentality and a lot of experience.”

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