Rockster Recycler wins the prestigious 2012 PREMIO POTENCIA award

Rockster-award-spain kl

A banquet held in November 2012, at the Hotel Palace in Madrid, the capital city of Spain, to celebrate this years award winners which are given to companies for excellence in design, innovation and helping the environment.

The new 2012 Rockster Impact Crusher R700S was submitted for review this year by a panel of judges.

Accepting the award in the name of Rockster Recycler was Country Manager for Spain, Portugal and South America, was Mr. Perry Austin Holt.

Thanks to its innovative design, compact size and hydrostatic drive, this "right-size for all" Rockster machine is a perfect money making, problem solving tool, useful in many different applications.

From factory settings, road construction to quarry use, this remarkable piece of equipment is making waves in the crushing and screening market.


Successful BAUMA China

Last Friday - November 30th - the Bauma China closed its doors again and the Rockster-China team can congratulate themselves over a highly successful event.


One for it is the huge numbers of visitors, with around 180,000 having attended the show, a notable 16% increase over the 155,615 visiting this exhibition in 2010. For the first time, Bauma China had an exhibition space of over 300,000m² at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre and a record-breaking number of over 2,718 exhibitors from 38 countries took part at this event.

Also Rockster is aware of the importance of the Chinese market as the country has the need for more infrastructure spendings.Bauma-China-Fair-16 

Particularly in the west, which has not seen the development levels of other parts of the country. Moreover the Chinese Government has announced that it will invest in developing in roads and rail westwards, as well as continuing with its plan to improve the overall standard of living for the country’s citizens and follow its stated aims to increase levels of urbanisation. Particularly for recycling of road/asphalt and demolition debris Rockster Recycler is a specialist. Rockster showed its main crusher for these applications - the R900 with additional screenbox and return belt - live on the booth. In addition, a professional Rockster team with excellent know-how about the whole Rockster portfolio provided advice and detailed information to the interested visitors.

On the very modern Rockster booth with a stylish two floor concept and an impressive lightened ceiling hanger more than 500 contacts of potential customers or partners could be acquired. And not only Chinese companies visited the booth, through the very international clientele of the BAUMA also potential clients from many other countries all over the world, reaching from Russia, Ukraine, over India, Philippines, Malaisia to Australia, New Zealand and many more came to see the Rockster products.

The appetite of the eager Bauma visitors to see the possibilities of Rockster Recycler's crushing and screening equipment can Rockster make very confident for the future.

Start of the Bauma China

rockster booth bauma shanghai titelToday the BAUMA CHINA opens its doors! 

This International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Construction Vehicles and Equipment with about 1,900 exhibitors from 37 countries and more than 150,000 visitors from 170 countries (data BAUMA 2010) is one of the biggest fairs on the Asian market.

The 4-days-fair takes place every two years on the area of the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) in the new district Pudong in Shanghai.

rockster booth4 bauma shanghairockster booth3 bauma shanghairockster booth bauma shanghai

Rockster Recycler has a 145m² booth in hall E1.400.

The construction works started in week 47 and the stand builders did really a great job.

Live on scene: the mobile impact crusher Rockster R900

                                                                                                                     pictures of the construction works                                                                  and of the first day at the fair


Facts of the fair:

27–30 November 2012

Tuesday–Thursday: 9 am–5 pm
Friday: 9 am–3 pm

Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), Shanghai (Pudong)/China 
2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area
Shanghai 201204, PR China

Rockster goes Kiwi

rockster r700s transportNew Zealand welcomes the Rockster impact crusher R700S.

Also in New Zealand greatest possible mobility is an important issue.

The "smallest" Rockster can be used just anywhere.rockster r700s ankunft

Before it's first application, it is still extensively put on display.

No wonder it's the first Rockster in New Zealand. 


rockster r700s at work

Finally in action!

Recycling has an extremely high priority in New Zealand.

Roads or building are always being completely recycled.

Test the largest

You can try the largest now - even as Duplex-machine!

rockster r1200 transport2

From now on the largest of the crusher line - the R1200 jaw crusher – is also available
for Rockster customers for test purposes.
And in this case one can say: 1 +1 = 1. The entire application field of jaw crusher and impact crusher 
can be covered with just 1 machine.
The R1200 duplex machine is currently in our demo rental portfolio and is already reaching wide interest.

rockster miete r1200

Feeding material up to 2m

rockster r1200 groesse ausgangsmaterial4rockster aufgabegroesse ueber 2m laenge

Rockster in the Jungle

The Rockster Duplex system - even in the Colombian jungle easy and quick.


Rockster_Columbia_Duplex ChangeDuplex buyers know what they want. Namely to cope with different material requirements on the same installation.

How reasonable this solution on the R800/R900 is, underlines a recent application in southwestern Colombia. 

Here, near the equator, a contractor crushes very hard river gravel to demanded high quality final fractions with the duplex function. While the jaw crusher R800 takes the job of difficult primary crushing, the impact crusher R900 is used for high quality final crushing.

Thus, the simple exchange of crushers was impressively demonstrated under practical conditions. At 7 o´clock the machine was running two hours as jaw crusher R800. Then it was converted to the impact mill R900. 5 hours later, it was rebuilt to the jaw crusher. At about 18 o´clock the jaw crusher took on his work again. 
Both exchanges run completely smoothly in one day, although humidity, pressure of time and working at high altitude were not helping circumstances. 

The Rockster service technicians coordinated the new operators and the changes proceeded with absolutely no complications, even the first time and without any previous experience. 
That simple is the Rockster Duplex system - even in the depths of Colombia. 

Duplex Change:

Rockster_Columbia_Duplex ChangeRockster_ColumbiaRockster_Columbia_Duplex Change

Rockster_Columbia_Duplex ChangeRockster Backenbrecher-jaw crusher

The Strike is perfect!

rockster strikeIn just 4 years the 10th Rockster machine was passed to Mr. Franz Haberl.  

Accordingly, joyful and cordially were the mood and congratulations of Mr. Wolfgang Kormann.

Company Haberl Baumaschinen of Seekirchen/Sbg/Austria) is not just delighted by the great success 
in renting of its own Rockster crushing and screening equipment.  

rockster haberl r900rockster haberl r900 2Also the sales are developing excellently from Austria to Ghana. 

Based on this positive development the specialist in crushing and screening continues by investing in new premises in 2013 offering more beautiful, bigger and additional space as well as even more service.

That is the motto of Mr. Haberl. Concomitantly, the Rockster family is in the renting fleet we be considerably expended.  
Rockster again congratulates and wishes all the best for the future. 

Professional Recycling in China

rockster anyang1Anyang (Chinese 安阳 市 / Anyang 安阳 市 shì) is a town at the northern end of the Chinese province of Henan. 
The city has approximately 5.25 million inhabitants. In the northwest of the city lies Yinxu 
(殷墟, the "Ruins of Yin"), in the 14thto 11th Century was the capital of the Shang Dynasty BCE 
and was initiated in 2006 in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. In the excavations 
since 1928 amongst other things the oracle bones were found which are precursors of Chinese characters.
But the long rich history is only one side of the city. Anyang is also a pulsating, 
modern and thriving city with excellent infrastructure and many new buildings.
rockster anyang2Anyang is primarily also a city where recycling is taken seriously across all fields very seriously. 
This way of thinking and the actual implementation is also specially established in construction business. 
Rockster could show with the crusher R900 and the screening plant RDS 512 how powerful these machines are, 
and how easy recycling can be carried out. Entire blocks of houses were demolished, crushed, 
screened and the obtained recycled material reused in the new buildings at once. The success, 
efficiency and especially  the saved resources have completely convinced all responsible in Anyang 
of Rockster machinery and the achieved results.

Start of demolition and recycling in April 2012                                                        Finished job in June 2012

rockster anyang4         rockster anyang3

Head of Anyang Yongtong Resource Recycle Co., Ltd. and Rockster Bejing

rockster anyang5

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