6 crushers for South Africa

Sustainability heroes in South Africa

Rockster-R700S-Johannesburg 01

Pioneering a new and better way of doing business, that’s the goal of Mfangano Solution situated in Johannesburg, working with municipalities and contractors to deliver the right recycling machinery, at the right price, with the best environmental performance.

6 Rockster impact crushers R700S for Pikitup

Beginning of this year, James Kamau sold 6 mobile impact crushers R700S to PIKITUP, Johannesburg's official waste management service provider. Pikitup services the entire 1 625km² that is Johannesburg, keeping the city clean and preserving an attractive and hygienic environment for residents and visitors.

They use the Rockster crushers for producing recyclate used in roads construction and other carbon-based materials. Landfills should be minimized, they want to establish processes of recycling and immediate re-use of the final grain on site. Additionally, transport costs and associated pollutants can be reduced.

High quality crushing on limited space

The Rockster R700S mobile impact crusher was specially developed for jobsites with limited space, as is typically the case for metropolitan municipalities. “The well definable final grain was another argument for purchasing a Rockster crusher. The hydrostatic drive allows a continuous adjustment of the crusher speed and therefore guarantees an optimal modification of the final product,” James Kamau says.

Not only are Mfangano Solution’s products like the Rockster crushers environmentally friendly by design, they also provide a valuable service – through the promotion of the secondary resources economy. The benefits of stimulating this sector are well documented, in that it saves costly landfill space, enhances GDP, and creates jobs.

Rockster-R700S-Johannesburg 03 Rockster-R700S-Johannesburg 02 Rockster-R700S-Johannesburg 04

New R900 for Grillenberger

New Rockster Impact Crusher R900 For Grillenberger Tief- & Straßenbau

R900-Deutschland-Grillenberger-01 R900-Deutschland-Grillenberger-02


The family company Grillberger Tief- und Straßenbau GmbH from Heidenheim (Bayern) is particularly specialized in civil engineering and road and building and crushes limestone in a nearby quarry for the production of large stone-blocks, as well as for mineral mixtures.
The new R900 will be at the quarry, but also in operation with any recycling of debris or old asphalt.

R900-Deutschland-Grillenberger-03R900 facts

With transport dimensions of 9.6 m long, 2.5 m width and 3.2 m in height, and weighing 25.2 tons, the plant is compact and easy to transport, without special permits.
Depending on customer requirements the R900 Impact Crusher is available with Volvo Tier 3 engine (200kW) or Volvo engine Tier 4f (210kW). 
The standard equipment includes a permanent magnetic separator, a side belt (with bypass chute), the remote control, the sound proofed housing, the dust suppression and the automatic overload protection. 
With its 2 hydraulically adjustable swing beams and the simply and infinitely adjustable crusher speed you get optimally defined final grain.

First Rockster crusher in Holland

Great launch of Rockster in the Netherlands

„Deal is deal“ – that’s the motto of the new Rockster customer Bert van den Brink, owner of the company Grondverzetbedrijf Bert van den Brink. He appreciates the hands-on mentality of his long-time business partner and new Dutch Rockster dealer Gerrit Ophof of Ophof Recycling bv and of the team of Rockster. In May this year, the entrepreneur finally decided to invest in a Rockster R1100DS impact crusher.

The first Rockster crusher in Holland

Van den Brink and his 4-member team are specialized in earthmoving, demolition, paving and much more, and have many years of experience in mobile crushing. His aim when buying a new machine was a 100% increase of the production volume. This objective was reached by the R1100DS and even exceeded.

100% more performance promises 100% more profit

Almost all operations with crushing plants are calculated per tonne of final material, therefore the optional weighing system was essential for Van den Brink. The majority of his jobs are in the contractors business for demolition waste and RAP. It’s very important for him to easily move the plant from one jobsite to the other. Thanks to compact dimensions and weight he manages to transport the crusher without any permits, also including screen box and return belt without disassembly on a semi-trailer.

Easy handling

A main reason for choosing a Rockster crusher was the ease of use and the good accessibility, so any maintenance work can to be carried out quickly. "The hydraulic drive, the continuously variable rotor speed and the sophisticated screening system convinced me immediately. I can therefore adjust the quality of the final grain to my customer’s requirements very accurately. The machine also features an innovative main belt wear protection, which guarantees the durability of the belt", says Van den Brink.


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Recycling project Beijing

Innovative Recycling Project In The City Centre Of Beijing

Rockster impactor R700S is the first crusher working in the centre of China's capital

Rockster-Impact-Crusher Prallbrecher-R700S Beijing-Peking 01There are strict guidelines for building in the centre of Beijing, mainly dust and exhaust gas must be minimized. The company Beijing Yu Long Environment Protection was the first one doing a Recycling job here in Daxing. They used a Rockster Impact Crusher R700S which did a great job. 

Processing and recycling on site

Rockster-Impact-Crusher Prallbrecher-R700S Beijing-Peking 03

For the first time recycled asphalt and concrete were crushed directly at the jobsite and reused immediately for road construction.

Mr. Huang, manager of the company Beijing Yu Long Environment Protection, says: "The final material produced with the Rockster R700S has an excellent quality, the cubic grain can be optimally used for road construction or any other building materials." He is proud of his first downtown recycling project, processing remarkable 5,500 tons of feeding material. Thanks to the immediate reuse of the crushed material for the construction of the new road, they could additionally save high transport costs and avoid exhaust gases.

Rockster-Impact-Crusher Prallbrecher-R700S Beijing-Peking 02Compliments for performance and additional dust suppression

Rockster's R700S did a great job and had a very constant output (more than 100 tonnes per hour to a size of 0/32mm) and low fuel consumption. Moreover they were highly impressed by the additionally attached dust suppression on the main belt, which has been specially assembled for such conditions. Throughout the whole recycling process hardly any exhausts or dust emissions were produced.

Recycling potential in Beijing

Mr. Wang, project manager of Beijing City Road and Bridge Construction Group, says: "It is very important for us to recycle construction waste. So we can protect the environment and save natural resources." It is estimated that only in the city of Beijing, about 40 million tonnes of demolition waste could be recycled with a crusher like the Rockster R700S and about 90% of this rubble could be reused. These figures are impressing and show the big potential for recycling in China.

On Beijing TV, the project is explained in detail and the benefits of the construction waste recycling are highlighted:


Intermat 2015

Rockster presented the unique hybrid impact crusher R1100DE at this year's Intermat show

The Intermat is one of the most important exhibitions for the French-speaking market in Europe as well as Africa and took place again this year from 20th to 25th of April in Paris-Nord Villepinte. The international „Who is Who“ of the Heavy Equipment producers were travelling to France to show the latest developments. So did Rockster with the long-term French distributor KoncassToo and presented the innovative Hybrid Impact Crusher R1100DE. On the booth number 7 D163, visitors could be convinced by the novel hybrid concept and Rockster's remaining product portfolio.

Rockster-Intermat hybridbrecher  Rockster-Intermat hybridbrecher 02

Absolutely unique technology

Rockster's R & D department has developed a worldwide unique drive concept together with European experts of hybrid solutions. The heart of this concept are the so-called power caps, energy buffer with top capacities, which store electrical energy to cover any peak loads. The diesel engine operates nearly constant at optimal speed to drive the generator for the electric motor and does consequently save fuel. The permanent-magnet technology also guarantees lower energy consumption, improved engine and generator performance, and higher power density. With this technology, you can save approximately 16,000 liters of diesel at an annual use of a machine. The energy storage concept would also allow a smaller engine, but because an additional objective was to increase the productivity despite fuel savings, a common CAT 242kW engine is used. This synergy results in a considerable increase in performance and thus significantly more output.

In one of the largest construction companies of France, the Hybrid Crusher is already in use for 1.5 years and does a good job. Operations manager Laurent Perraguin says, "We produce up to 450 tons per hour of recycled demolition material, which is almost 30% more than we had before, the performance is very stable, and the fuel required could be reduced by 30%."

Mawev-Show 2015

Wir bedanken uns für Ihren Besuch!



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New storage reservoir at Hochkönig

Rockster-Prallbrecher-R900-HochkoenigSupport for Mother Hulda

Rockster's impact crusher R900 on a great construction site in Austria’s skiing region Hochkönig, building a new storage reservoir for snow machines

The Rockster R900 was part of a recently completed project of the company G. Hinteregger & Sons Construction Company Ltd. from Salzburg. They were commissioned from mid-June to mid-October to build a storage reservoir with about 70,000 m³ capacity and a pumping station, to supply water to the numerous snow machines during the ski season.

Crushed material is immediately reused

The jobsite was located 1,600 m above sea level and all of the rock excavation material was recovered from greywacke shale, crushed with the R900 and reused for different areas on the site. For crushing the virgin stone, the company Hinteregger hired a Rockster impact crusher R900 from Rockster’s Austrian distributor Haberl Construction Ltd in Seekirchen. The R900 crushed material from 0 - 700 mm in diameter and produced gravel 0/32 and 32/70. 0/8-material was separated by another screen and used for rock slopes below the drainage mats, the grain size 8/32 was used for drainage and the grain size 32/70 was required to overfill the lining foil.

R900 easily crushed 8,000 m³ of hard rock

In total, about 8,000 m³ of rock material was crushed at this alpine site. Project Manager of the company Hinteregger, Johann Lienbacher reports: "We had hired a Rockster crusher for the first time and the performance exceeded our expectations. I would especially highlight the easy delivery and removal as well as the simple operation of the R900."


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Bauma China 2014

At this year's Bauma China from 25 to 28 November 2014 Rockster presented its most compact line, the R700S including screen box and return belt. Contrary to the Chinese trend of large machines, Rockster wants to offer economically and ecologically valuable solutions. The output of this compact crusher of about 150t / h thus meets the expectations of many potential users - without having to invest in a large plant.

Many visitors were surprised that high class quality recycled materials can be produced in such a confined space.

That the Bauma China already became an internationally recognized fair, showed the high number of visitors from the rest of Asia, and South America.

As Rockster is currently building up an extensive dealer network in China, the Bauma was used to create a new contractual basis for cooperation with 3 further dealers.


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Petra-Trans with new R700S

Inhaber-mit-R700S owners-with-R700S

Hands-on mentality made the decision

Maximum reliability on each operation is the philosophy of family Drucker and of Rockster Recycler. The impactor R700S and its team behind have convinced the owner of Petra Trans.

The family company “Petra Trans”, situated in Lower Austria, is a strong transport and demolition business and owns a remarkable fleet of trucks and construction machines: 8 excavators, 2 wheel loaders, 6 trucks in various sizes, a variety of smaller machines like vibratory plates, rollers or concrete cutting machines, and since the end of August 2014, a new Rockster R700S Impact crusher. On the company grounds covering a surface area of 7,000 square meters any debris can be delivered and will be recycled in accordance with strict guidelines for commercial waste collectors and processors.


R700S-Asphaltbrechen asphalt-crushing


Extension of the contractors business 

Due to increasing demand of recycled material or crushed natural stone like granite, Petra Trans decided to buy a crusher instead of further renting one. After several tests, Petra and Rainer Drucker finally bought Rockster's most compact crusher in the portfolio, the impactor R700S with screen box and return belt. "A transport weight under 24 tons was very important for us, because we can transport the crusher with our own loaders and so we are very flexible. With the screen box, we can also produce very fine quality grain, which often is essential for customers," says Rainer Drucker. Final concrete grain is mainly used for substructure with a size of 0-63mm diameter, for fine-grading they screen the material to 0-32mm. The most favourite final materials of Petra Trans customers are RAP with 0-22mm or 0-16mm.


Transport-R700S-Siebbox-separat screenbox-separateMinimum transportation costs and Just-In-Time Processing

The processing of natural stone is a further business of Petra Trans. Only 8 km from the company premises there’s located a granite quarry. From this quarry they buy granite with 120-150mm diameter and crush it on demand. "The transport costs are minimal and we do not produce much material stockpiled, but crush the required quantity in the desired grain size just when it’s needed. Very popular is granite with a diameter from 0-4 mm, used as screed sand, 4-8mm grain for paving and of course the 0-32mm granite grain for substructures and fine-grading at paving, street or road construction," says Petra Drucker. 

The family is convinced

Son and engineer in charge for the Rockster R700S impact crusher, Manuel Drucker, is excited about the new Rockster crushing plant. With the new central control you can optimize the crusher for any material and the remote one is so flexible that you could do the whole crushing process, including excavating and removal of the final product as a one-man-show.
Petra and Rainer Drucker also mark: "We were convinced by the reliability and the know-how of the Rockster distribution, you just feel just well served."

R1100D in Denmark

New Recycling Yard – New Crushing Plant

Rockster-R1100D-Maldgaard-Denmark 01

Rockster impact crusher R1100D convinced the owners of  new recycling center in Esbjerg (Denmark), especially with high output and high-quality final grain

The brothers Christensen from Tjæreborg in Denmark opened a new recycling center in Esbjerg this year, where they mainly recycle asphalt, concrete, bricks and other construction debris. They have been active in the recycling business for a long time and have experience in mobile crushing plants. Lately they weren’t satisfied with the output of their old jaw crusher and separate screening plant anymore, as they could only produce about 400 tons per 8-hour workday of the most popular grain with a diameter of 0-32mm.

The demonstration convinced

Rockster's Danish distributor, Meldgaard Handel A / S from Aabenraa, is a long time business partner of Christensen and presented the Rockster R1100D. "I suggested that we demonstrate the impact crusher R1100D with a screen box and return belt on their recycling yard, because I was personally completely convinced that exactly this impact crusher would be perfect for their requirements," says sales manager Klaus Meldgaard. And Meldgaard had not promised too much with an increase of final material of more than 100%. Already on the first day 900 tonnes were reached and already on day 2 they crushed 1,200 tonnes of final material 0/32mm. But above all the entrepreneurs were immediately very satisfied with the quality of the crushed grain: "The high quality cubic 0/32 mm material has been propagated quite fast and Christensen now has several new customers, specifically requesting the hiqh-quality 0-32mm grain" notes Klaus Meldgaard.

Rockster-R1100D-Maldgaard-Denmark 02

The Rockster screening system replaces the screening plant

The Rockster crushing plants can be supplemented with a screening system consisting of screenbox and return belt, and makes crushing and screening possible on one mobile plant. Brothers Christensen can use it to crush the 0/32 grain directly, saving a further screening plant, as well as re-loading and crushing of oversized material. Including screenbox and return belt the R11000D weighs not even 40 tonnes and can be easily transported without special permits. The continuous variable rotor speed, good maintenance access and ease of use of the Rockster crusher were some more purchase criteria for Christensen.



Rockster's new R1100DE hybrid impact crusher is nominated for the Innovation Award

Demo-Awards-Shortlisted---InnovationThe World Demolition Award is one of the most respectable awards worldwide, concerning the Demolition and Recycling Industry.

The Awards are intended to reward best practice and innovation within the demolition industry and 2014 represents the 6th consecutive year they have been held.
The judging panel is made up of eight highly respected figures from the global demolition sector – including the current President of the European Demolition Association. 
The innovation award is an award open solely to manufacturers and unique in the respect of being the only global award to be judged by the demolition industry itself. In order to be shortlisted – the products have already gone through a rigorous judging process and represent the cream of this years' entries.
The winners of each category will be announced at the 2014 World Demolition Summit that will be held at the NH Grand Krasnapolski Hotel in Amsterdam on November 6, with the Awards being presented at the Gala Dinner.

R1100DE cut-outHybrid crusher R1100DE is one of worldwide 6 nominees in the category "Innovations"

Rockster submitted its latest revolutionary project - the first parallel hybrid impact crusher worldwide - and was shortlisted for this year's World Demolition Awards in the category "Innovation Award - Series Product".

Overview of the latest features of Rockster's new development:

  • With the exclusive "Power Caps" system the machine can store electrical energy to manage demand peaks for a smooth and continuous production of up to 450 tons per hour.

Power-system R1100DE en

  • The unique design, incorporating the permanent magnetic drive technology with the Power Caps system allows to decrease the fuel consumption up to 30%.
    The hydrostatic pumps supply only the oil flow needed, reducing system heat and saving costs.

Display Gap-adjustment Brechspaltverstellung

  • Through the new control display, the new R1100DE has the possibility of continuous, fully hydraulic gap adjustment.
  • The hydraulic overload protection assures a prevention of blockages and the automatic, continuous control of the adjusted feeder speed.
  • The R1100DE is also equipped with the unique, double-functional return belt system, meaning it can be used as a discharge conveyor to produce two final products in one workflow, as well as for return of oversized materials directly back to the feeder for a closed circuit.
  • The hybrid crusher can also be converted from an impact into a jaw crusher with its patented DUPLEX system.

Rockster is proud that very experienced professionals of the global demolition industry nominated this newly developed machine as "INNOVATION 2014".

Video of the test run of the first hybrid crusher owned by the company Eurovia in France - painted in the CI colours of the French roadbuilding giant. The output is really remarkable:


Steinexpo 2014

Live demonstrations in front of an impressive scenery

At this year's Steinexpo in Europe's largest basalt quarry, Rockster Recycler presented its machines from 6th to 6th of September:

  • the most compact impact crusher of the portfolio, the R700S
  • the newly designed and further developed R1100, the impact crusher R1100DS
  • and the compact screen RS EASY 76 

Live demonstration of the new multi-function display 

With this tool the crusher is ready for use in a couple of minutes and can be adjusted by the crusher settings individually for the most common applications. A further increase of the usability is assures the fully hydraulic and continuous adjustment of the crushing gap through this new display.



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R900 in Argentina

Trans-Plus Argentina provides best quality grain with Rockster's advanced technology

This contractor sets a benchmark in certified recycled material produced with his Rockster impact crusher R900.

R900-transplus-argentina titel2

Trans-Plus SRL is a young growing company with 100 employees and is making a mark in clean, crushed recycled material. Something just starting off in South America. Since early 2013, Trans-Plus is the proud owner of a Rockster R900 with a screen box and return belt and the owners are highly satisfied with their new crushing plant: "Our Rockster machine has been a great choice of Austrian technology, compact all-inclusive machinery and multi-functionality. We have many off-site jobs where we have to clean, crush and screen material and this type of all-in-one machine concept has really been a good tool," says production manager for Trans-Plus Mr. Emilio Emiliozzi. The company crushes many different types of material, as their clients call them. They started off crushing general skip waste and now they are involved with a job at a Kiln crushing the residual of coke for use on a general mix of "filler" for road base material.

Trans-Plus benefits from new regulations for road building resources

The Argentinean government is trying to solve a very common problem in many South America countries: What to do when torrential rains come and roads are wiped out? They are discovering that many subcontractors use high quantities of plastic or mud based material, which when it comes in contact with water, expands and does not hold the compacted material together, causing many dangerous roads to disintegrate. As a consequence many deaths due to flash flooding causing greater damage as huge chunks of material float down rivers with terrible consequences. The problem also lies in the fact that subcontractors do not purchase the material at quarries due to the long distances and are always looking for cheaper "sources" of base material. One solution the government is working on is to open access to better quality material due to better methods and technology in recycled road building material. There is cubic, clean and plastic free material widely available as a natural source, but prevented due to the lack of technology. Rockster's advanced technology crushers assure a high quality final grain, perfectly usable as base material for road building.

Trans-Plus is working with the central government on the novel project of certifying recycled material for non-structural building use and has to perform many laboratory tests with its final grain. "After demonstrating the clean material our Rockster crusher R900 was producing, we began to sell to local municipalities and they now only want our recycled material," says Mr. Luciano Emiliozzi, general manager for Trans-Plus. That is a great competitive advantage for the contractor.

Website Trans-Plus 

Demolition debris & asphalt

R900 polixmair2014 titelFlexible and reliable solutions
Polixmair offers "everything from a single source" - the Rockster impactor R900 is an important part of this business model

In the fall of 2013, the contractors Mr. Polixmair Junior & Senior, decided to buy the Rockster impact crusher R900 including screenbox and return belt. Watch the report about it here
After almost 1 year, the owner tells his impressions and some interesting jobstories.

Approx. 90,000 tons of construction waste on "Semmelrock" construction site

Recent big project is the demolition work and waste recycling of a huge Semmelrock plant that was closed in Traismauer (Lower Austria). From the preparation (chiseling work, scaling, etc.) to the final material - separated from iron - Polixmair offers everything from one source. 
Five major road trains with iron have already been sorted out with the iron magnetic separator of the R900 crusher. The project is planned on 4 periods each 5 weeks (including preparation time), with each more than 20,000 tons of construction waste to be processed. Especially floor slabs and paving stones with a length of about 300-400mm are crushed, the majority of the final material has 0-16mm in diameter and will be picked up and sold by the gravel company Weber/Austria.

Rockster R900 prallbrecher asphalt-recyclingThe second focus - asphalt recycling

In addition to the recycling of concrete and demolition debris Polixmair is specialist in asphalt recycling and therefore he only uses the Rockster R900 impactor. His clients are mainly asphalt mixing plants. He crushes old asphalt/RAP with lengths of up to 1000mm with the use of screenbox and return belt to a final grain size of 0-16mm. This recycled asphalt is used in full for the new production of asphalt, that saves the mixer a lot of money for bitumen and also protects the environment..

Hydraulic concept simplifies individualization

"Especially when it comes to asphalt recycling, it is important for us to produce high-quality final grain and meet all our clients' requirements. Due to the hydraulic concept of Rockster machines, the speed of the crusher, the conveyors, the screen,... everything can be continuously adjusted, so it is simple to adapt perfectly to every material and grading curve without much effort. The crusher is also very easy to operate and maintenance work on the machine can be done quickly and effectively," concludes Polixmair jun.

We thank Mr. Polixmair for his time and valuable information.

R700S in confined space

Demolition recycling in confined space

Rockster-Prallbrecher R700S-Mietmaschine PK-Abbruch Wuerzburg2

The company PK Abbruch situated in Hellmitzheim (district of Kitzingen - Bavaria) is a specialist for any demolition jobs, earthworks, landscaping, civil engineering and channel paving.
PK Abbruch is renting Rockster's most compact impact crusher, the R700S regularly in order to manage demolition jobs especially in confined space. The recycling of demolition material has a high priority for the company and helps the customers to save time and money, as the material can be crushed with the R700S on site and reused as recycled material.
Demolition projects by companies, communities, but also by private builders will be implemented, and it may just come at the latter often challenges due to lack of space.

Rockster-Prallbrecher R700S-Mietmaschine PK-Abbruch WuerzburgHouse demolition near Marienberg Fortress

Because of the narrow entrance of the truck could not enter the construction site behind the Marienberg Fortress in Würzburg. No problem for the tracked mobile crusher - the R700S was quickly unloaded and driven by remote control and underlain by tire as protection for the asphalt to the jobsite. In less than 2 days, the demolition job was done and newly recycled material reused.

Thanner goes for R700S

Compact and yet powerful

Rockster-R700S Thanner-Erdbau titelThanner in Tyrol trusts in the R700S for his demolition and recycling business

The Thanner GmbH, headquartered in Hart/Zillertal in Tyrol is known for its diverse applications. Whether protection structures, excavation, demolition or recycling, Markus Thanner and his team always do their jobs with a lot of effort and have many years of experience. 
"Especially in connection with buildings you can see that a minimization of the total cost is achieved by controlled demolition." For that reason, they have upgraded in their field of demolition and recycling and invested in a Rockster impact crusher R700S in late summer of last year.

Watch the great movie of the R700S in Recycling HERE


Rockster Prallbrecher R700S Kalkstein-brechen Thanner

No construction site is too small, no forest path too narrow

Due to the compactness of Rockster's R700S it is easy for the team of Thanner to ship the plant with their own truck and smallest jobs are thus easily feasible. 
Thanner is also specialized in the construction of forest roads and often has to climb on narrow forest roads up to 1,800 meters in altitude with the machines. With the R700S, the material is then processed for road construction (picture 1 and 3 in use with limestone) on site, and this allows so save about 50 truck loads per day and moreover saves a lot of time and also protects the environment.

Screening system for high-quality asphalt granulate

In Thanner's asphalt operations RAP is processed into asphalt granulate which is used as an adjunct in the road again. Especially for these jobs he appreciates the Rockster screening system. The screen box RS73 and the return belt RB65 make the R700S a complete package for creating quality grain in one operation. The return belt is also designed for a quick and easy use as stockpile belt. 
Rockster Prallbrecher R700S Engleder-Thanner-HaberlFor dust suppression he regularly uses the sprinkler system, which is very effective, and according to Thanner it does simply work with a connected hosepipe.

Collected experience

Meanwhile, the machine was in use for over 500 hours and Markus Thanner is still convinced of Rockster: "The two adjustable swing beams are a great advantage, my team hadn't have any blockage so far, what makes them work faster and more efficiently." The good accessibility for all service and maintenance work is also emphasized, as the excellent support of Rockster and Haberl. "I am really more than satisfied with this great machine," says the entrepreneur.

Recycling Conference China

Rockster-CEO presents his know-how on a recycling conference in China

Rockster-China-Recyclingkonferenz 1Economic recycling in China is an increasingly important subject, European quality is the basis for successful implementation

In the last recycling conference in Zhengzhou Mr. Wolfgang Kormann, CEO of Rockster Recycler, shared his know-how and experience with 320 interested participants from the industry. Especially the European recycling methods for the preparation of demolition debris, concrete and asphalt proved very popular.

Mr. Kormann is convinced that it is very important for the still quite new recycling market in China, to demonstrate how economical recycling can be. It is not only environmentally friendly and resource-saving, but also saves valuable space as recycled construction waste can be reused and does not block up valuable land with rubble. 
Due to the questions after the presentation great interest to professional recycling was evident. Chinese appreciate European quality and technology, that is certainly the basis for successful and efficient recycling.

After the presentation the participants could see Rockster's impact crusher R1100 live in action.

Rockster-China-Recyclingkonferenz 2 Rockster-China-Recyclingkonferenz 3

IFAT 2014

Rockster Live-Demos at the IFAT 2014
from 5th to 9th of May 2014 at Munich's exhibition center

For the first time at the IFAT a equipment demonstration with the topic "recycling of construction material" took place. The German Association for Environmental and Mechanical Engineering VDBUM organized a 10,000 m² large outdoor area to show various recycling processes, because live demonstrations achieve better attention.

Rockster demonstrated asphalt recycling

With the mobile impact crusher R700S, the feeding material was crushed to 0-32 mm and this final then screened with the compact screen RS EASY to 3 fractions 0-8, 8-16 and 16-32 mm. The typical processes in the recycling business and the highlights of the plants were shown and explained twice a day.

Positive surprise: Thanks to the strong performance of both machines, both the Rockster crusher R700s as well as the compact screen RS EASY 76 were sold at the fair without any preliminary contact.

Thanks to everyone who visited our demo in VDBUM area "Baustoffrecycling Live"!


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Rockster-Team Enduropanorama 2014

Rockster team at one of the toughest Enduro races in Europe
Enduro Panorama 2014

Rockster-Enduropanorama titel

Under the motto "The best trail for the best ENDURO riders" the 6th Enduro Panorama took place in Ghelari and Hunedoara (Romania). From 2 to 4 May 2014, about 350 Enduro Riders (approximately 100 professionals and 250 amateur riders) faced the challenge of more than 200 km partly very steep and rough terrain. The Romanian Moto Club Haita Deva (organizer of the race) refers to the event as one of the hardest Enduro race in Europe. The race has been tested even from the extreme Enduro expert and Suzuki Austria 2-wheel boss, Peter Nesuta and referred to as "super race".

The riders had to master:
• Day 1, about 30 km
• Day 2, about 85 km
• Day 3, about 85 km
8 experienced MX riders from the Rockster team started on Day 1 and had great results in the prologue with rank 12, 26 and 48, which was a good starting position for the lineup on Saturday.

Manageable only sliding

"Due to the extreme rains the long, steep slopes were manageable just by slipping downwards," says Rockster Team Leader Bobby. Steep hills sometimes were only possible to pass with mutual aid and river crossings was even unmanageable for one of two riders. Motorcycles are drowned in the water and had to be drained tediously. So, unfortunately, for 2 riders from the Rockster team had to give up here. Overall, only 22 riders in the professional category and 27 of the hobby class, could finish the race. The Rockster Enduro team had 3 proud riders on the finishers list (with 5:31, 5:57 and 7:50 hours). Due to these extreme conditions that was a fantastic performance, and Rockster congratulates sincerely!


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Expansion with R700S

Expansion with the next Rockster crusher

Koppitz-prallbrecher-R700S R900Good experience - new investment - better market coverage

Holger Koppitz is the owner of Bauschutt Brecher GmbH in Lower Saxony (Germany) and successfully established for several years as a contractor on the crushing market. Since 2011 he is a proud owner of a Rockster R900 Impact crushing plant , which has now been done properly and reliably over 5,000 hours of operations.
Koppitz now expanded its business and invested in spring 2014 in his second mobile crushing plant - again a machine from Rockster . He opted this time for the R700S impact crusher , the most compact system in the Rockster portfolio as it can cover an even larger market.

The Rockster Impact Crusher R700S in detail

Main arguments according to Koppitz for the R700S

Hydrostatic drive, which allows continuous adjustment of the rotor speed

  • Optimum adjustment to the final grain (by hydrostatic drive)
  • Less war costs due to hydrostatic drive
  • Crushing gap can be continuously adjusted -> very precise screening curve
  • Performance up to 150 tons / hour
  • Breaking unit equipped with reinforced rotor and mirrored wear plates
  • Wear plates often interchangeable, wear costs are reduced
  • Even without screener uniform , high-quality end product
  • Easy maintenance and optimum accessibility through large openings
  • Hopper walls made of Hardox

Market coverage increased significantly

Through the new acquisition of the most compact system of Rockster, Holger Koppitz is now even more flexible, especially on limited spaces such as in urban areas, the R700S shows its great strength. The job possibilities of both Rockster systems - R900 and R700S - are ranging from asphalt, gravel or concrete recycling and processing of natural stone, such as granite or limestone.

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