The new R1100DS


Rockster-R1100DS impact-crusher Steinbrecher news

Display Brechspaltverstellung freigestellt kleinerThe Highlights:

  • Continuous, fully hydraulic gap adjustment (electronic control on display)
  • Automatic, continuous control of the conveying velocity
  • Feeder adjustment by remote control
  • Unique double-functional return belt system
  • „DUPLEX-able“: interchange of impact crusher with jaw crusher possible

Increased user comfort

With the recently developed multi-function display the crushing gap can be adjusted fully hydraulically and continuously, so the final material can be defined simply and easily and thus an exact screening curve is guaranteed. The conveying velocity continuously adapts the crusher load and the operating pressure of the main conveyor, which prevents overload and downtimes. If necessary, the vibrating feeder can be infinitely controlled manually via the remote control.

Unique return system

The R1100DS impact crusher can be ordered with a screen/return system consisting of screen box and return belt, thus crushing and screening on one mobile plant is possible. With the exceptional double functional return system, which is patented by Rockster, you can use also the return belt as stockpile conveyor with a discharge height of approximately 4 meters (13.12 ft). Dismantling for transport is not necessary, which mainly reduces set-up times. Through the use of screen box and return belt you can produce exact final material, which in turn leads to a significant increase in profit for the customer.

Hydraulikzylinder-Siebbox-R1100DS impact-crusher prallbrecher Easy accessibility

By hydraulic cylinders on the screen box, it can be quickly and easily lowered for maintenance and exchange of the screens, also the connection and disconnection of the main belt is much easier.

Hauptaustrageband-Servicevorrichtung mainbelt-service-device Rockster R1100DS

Moreover the main conveyor can be quickly serviced or repaired by the new main conveyor belt service device. A permanently installed device carries the belt and keeps it in position, so you have easy access.
The optional main belt wear protection increases the life of the main belt significantly. The easily adjustable material protection forms a bed for deceleration and deflection of the material to be crushed, thus reducing the direct charge of the main belt.

Flexible applications

The R1100DS is "duplex-able" like its predecessor the R1100D. With Rockster's patented DUPLEX system, it can be converted in a few hours from an impact crusher to a jaw crusher. Therefore the machine utilization can be uniquely optimized by an almost unlimited application possibility. This provides operators with outstanding versatility to use the machine in a variety of different applications.

Check out the movie of the R1100DS



Conexpo Vegas 2014

Raising environmental awareness in America

As already three years ago, again Rockster Recyler presented itself on the Conexpo 2014 in Las Vegas. However, this year Rockster Recycler introduced two plants to the American audience.

The track mobile and „DUPLEX-able“ impact crusher R1100D with mounted screen box RS94 and return belt RB85 for the closed circuit, which has been established on the market, was shown for highest performance requirements.

The unique compact track mobile impact crusher R700S with mounted screen box RS73 and a patent-protected double functional return-belt system RB65 was the second exhibit, introduced by Rockster. This plant was completely new on the American market. 

Wolfgang Kormann, CEO of Rockster says: „We were surprised about the quality of the visitors, who showed very good knowledge in the sector of processing and recycling.” Furthermore Mr. Kormann explains the main reasons for the participation at the Conexpo: “Since two years Rockster Recycler has been targeting the Latin American market and therefore many dealers and customers especially from this area made an appointment for a visit. In addition, there is a clearly recognizable positive development and return of the U.S. market.”

The feedback of the visitors of the Rockster-booth was extremely positive, a Californian contractor stated: “It's impressive, how Rockster provides complete solutions for processing of virgin stone and recycling by using simplest technology, which makes the use of additional equipment not necessary.”

A consultant on the Conexpo pointed out: „The DUPLEX-System, that means the interchange of impact crusher to jaw crusher on the same plant is giving Rockster a sharp competitive edge on the American market!”

Generally, the compactness, the ease of maintenance, the well-arranged system, the combination of crusher and screen and the double-functional return-belt system of the Rockster plants were highly appreciated by the trade visitors.



R1100DE ivory crushing Paris

Rockster's R1100DE destroyed 3 tons of ivory in Paris

France sets a signal against elephant poaching and crushed tons of ivory seized by French customs - a great event in front of the Eiffel Tower

Three tons of illegal ivory were displayed on February 6, 2014 in front of the Eiffel tower in Paris. France is battling against African elephant poaching, crushing three tons of illegal ivory at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

The market price of ivory has more than doubled in the past five years and the prohibited sale of the white gold is booming. The contraband with an estimated street value of 7 million Euros was fed into a crusher and ground, with the powder to be carted off and incinerated.

So far, France had, like many other countries kept the seized ivory in customs warehouses, museums and courtrooms. Environmental organizations have been calling for the systematic destruction of seized ivory, also to avoid that parts of it secretly disappear from the camps and passes back to the street market .

French Ecology Minister Philippe Martin and French ecologist Nicolas Hulot attended a press conference sending a powerful message to the poachers and traffickers: there is no future in ivory.

Rockster's customer delivered the crusher

France's largest construction company Eurovia / Vinci was acquired to provide a mobile crushing plant and delivered its flagship machine - the world's first parallel hybrid impact crusher R1100DE - directly in front of the famous sight.

Philippe Martin started the machine and the French customs officials put the ivory on a conveyor belt, which led to the feedhopper of the Rockster crusher. A total of 698 raw or processed tusks weighing 2.3 tons and 15,357 individual pieces such as bracelets, necklaces and statues were crushed by Rockster's R1100DE.




Rocking the CONEXPO

If you are going to attend the Conexpo-Show in Las Vegas from March 4-8, 2014 you need to take the opportunity and visit the Rockster Recycler team at booth number 8464 in the Platinum Lot (find it online)!
Get informed about the latest developments, our extended product line of crushers and screens, watch our ingenious 3D animations and try to win some exclusive Rockster equipment with our scratchcards.

Live-presentation of two mobile crushing plants

Rockster will present its biggest impact crusher, the Rockster R1100 with screenbox and return belt which already has proved its power and flexibility on the North American market. This machine enters a new performance-dimension within the compact crushing class.
With a robust design, the R1100 only gains 32.6 tons of total weight and impresses with a crushing performance of up to 350 tons per hour.

Rockster also shows the most compact impact crusher of its portfolio, the R700S.
Through the compact construction and the low weight of 19.9 tons, the plant is easy to transport, very flexible and therefore the perfect solution for applications on lowest space as on inner city jobsites. The hydrostatic drive guarantees an optimal modification of the final grain quality and causes no wear costs.
The optional Rockster screening system with the screen box RS73 and the unique double functional return/stockpile belt RB65 ensures high quality grain in one workflow.

Two in one: Rockster Duplex interchange system

The Rockster R1100 is also available with the unique patented Duplex exchange system which allows to change the crushing units (from impact crusher to jaw crusher and vice versa) within shortest time and this offers complete new opportunities in the operation with various materials.

See what US customers say about Rockster, click here

3D animation on the highest level

On two TV sets on the booth, Rockster presents its brandnew 3D animation showing a Rockster impact crusher on various jobsites and with different applications. Even the DUPLEX-system is demonstrated by showing the interchange from impact to jaw crusher in detail.

Come in and win

Just for the Conexpo we have designed special scratchcards which give you the chance to win exclusive Rockster incentives. So watch out for our three beautiful „Rockster Girls“ who will walk around handing out the cards and visit our booth!

High Profits with Asphalt-Recycling

The Rockster-technology: Perfect for Asphalt-Recycling

The recycling of broken asphalt is a profitable sector. In conventional asphalt mixing plants, up to 25% recycled asphalt can be added at no extra drum. This of course saves high expenses for raw materials such as bitumen, what pleased the wallet and the environment.

Sieblinie Screening-curve asphalt-recycling 0-22mmWhy are Rockster's mobile impact crushers such a good choice for Asphalt-Recycling?

  • Rockster's 2-swing-beam system allows to independently adjust the swing-beams
  • Exact adjustment of the crushing gap to specify the final grain size and reach a simple modification of the grading curve
  • The oversized rotor diameter causes an increase of the impact power and a more efficient crushing process
  • The hydrostatic drive allows an infinite adjustment of the rotor speed (control of fines) and therefore an easily controlled screening curve

Another advantage of the hydrostatic drive is, that no wear costs emerge, as with clutch or clutch-similar drives, and the direction of rotation can be changed (especially important for the duplex system).

These points ensure excellent performance with the best final grain quality.

It is therefore possible to achieve any desired screening curve by simple adjustments to the crusher. This is a fact that plays a big role in the asphalt recycling industry because there are exact guidelines for the screening curve when using recycled material for the production of new asphalt.

Jobstories of Rockster-clients

Trummer: Asphalt-Recycling specialist with impact crusher R1100 - Rockster-customer for about 6 years

Rockster prallbrecher R1100 Asphalt-Recycling Trummer 2013Rockster prallbrecher R1100 Asphalt Trummer 2013Martin Trummer, CEO of Trummer Maschinenhandel & Aufbereitung GmbH in Styria, who uses an Impact Crusher R1100 with screen box, says: „For asphalt crushed to 0-32 mm I reach a performance of almost 200t / h with my impact crusher R1100, which is an extremely good value from experience with other crushers. I have been used the R1100 for 4 years now and it is still in top form. You can always see further development of Rockster's products, we constantly notice technological progress, which I find remarkable. You can see that customer requests and suggestions for improvement from experiences in the field are implemented quickly."

Current project is commissioned by a huge Austrian infrastructure company named Asfinag. They use about 15% of recycled asphalt for a new motorway near the city of Graz.



ARGE-Recycling: Asphalt-Recycling specialist with the impact crusher R900 - Rockster-customer for about 4 years

Rockster prallbrecher R900 Asphalt-Recycling ARGE-RecyclingRockster prallbrecher R900 Asphalt ARGE-RecyclingThe ARGE Recycling (formerly Naegele-construction) from Vorarlberg uses a Rockster impact crusher R900 with screen box and return belt for treatment of RAP.

Environmental awareness and resource conservation have a great significance in the company and thus they have specialized in the recycling of asphalt and construction debris.

"The first argument for purchasing a Rockster crushing plant was the outstanding performance," says operations manager Simon Nicolussi. "With the combination of screen box and return belt, we can produce high quality final grain at 0 % oversize, which can be sold very well. The compact transport measures of the R900 was another important factor, as we do not only crush at our company site, but also at our customer’s places. Also the customer service of Rockster has convinced us from the beginning, we felt that we were cooperating with a competent and reliable team."

Denmark is Rockster-Land

Meldgaard is Rockster 's strong partner in Denmark for almost a decade

Since the Steinexpo 2005 Rockster and the Danish company Meldgaard, a recognized group of companies from the transport & recycling industry which has nearly 700 employees, work together with great success. Within a short time Meldgaard had sold 10 Rockster plants. According to Klaus Meldgaard in Denmark especially the diesel - hydraulic system, combined with optimum weight and transport measures, high capacity, easy maintenance and durability were decisive.

Rockster-Meldgaard Daenemark

Very strong in the asphalt processing

Many of Meldgaard's customers have their focus especially in the recycling of asphalt. You can achieve best results with Rockster's impact crushers R900 and R1100: "The final product of 0/6 mm is in high demand and, together with a screening plant, R1100 customers with a screen box RS94 with 20x20 mm square mesh and the screening with 9x9 mm square mesh they reach valuable final grain with 0 / 6 mm and 6/ 18 mm. "

Most recent sale

In mid-November Meldgaard has sold a new R900 with screen box and return belt in the tourist town of Skagen in northern Denmark . The customer uses the system according Meldgaard for typical demolition material and is highly satisfied.

Popular in the USA

Fantastic experiences of Rockster customers throughout the USA

Rockster already sold some machines in North America and got outstanding response.

Here are presented two American companies, owning a Rockster crushing plant R800/R900 DUPLEX and R1100/R1200 DUPLEX:

R1100/R1200 DUPLEX

R1100-R1200DUPLEX in-front-Frank-Tyler-Whitcomb

Frank W. Whitcomb Construction Corp. - Burlington (VT)

With over 81 years in the construction industry, Frank W. Whitcomb Construction Corp. (FWWCC) is one of the largest Paving and Highway Construction Businesses in New Hampshire and Vermont and has established a reputation as a high quality road contractor. With 110 employees working for the company, it is specialized in quarry rock crushing, portable crushing, paving/road construction, and excavation.

FWWCC wants innovative machines

Although it competes with multinational companies, FWWCC has maintained an edge by implementing astute and innovative business practices. So the Whitcomb family is always eager to have newest technology and high quality standards, and after the Conexpo in Las Vegas 2011 they decided to expand their range of machinery with a Rockster R1200/R1100 DUPLEX system. It allows to operate a jaw as well as an impact crusher on one basic machine what increases the variety of possible applications and efficiency of the machine enormously. FWWCC wanted to be flexible with the DUPLEX system, they need the jaw crusher mainly for helping out in the quarry when the stationary jaw has a failure and they need to keep the production moving. Moreover it is great for getting the material down to size before putting it through the impactor. But most jobs are done with the impact crusher in asphalt or concrete recycling.

R1100-R1200DUPLEX WhitcombExperiences of the first US company with Rockster’s R1200/1100 DUPLEX

FWWCC is the first company in the US using the biggest available DUPLEX system and has meanwhile over two years of experience with this plant.
Frank Tyler Whitcomb says: “Our Rockster machine R1200/1100 Duplex has been a wonderful addition to our company. We utilize it mainly as impact crusher in the production of recycled asphalt pavement for use as base course material for rebuilding the road. We have even used the crusher with the interchangeable jaw down in our quarry in Colchester (VT) producing sub base gravel when our primary, stationary crushed was down for repair.”

High degree of capacity utilization

The machine has been all over the state crushing rap, concrete, and sub base gravel. during the last 2.5 years owning the Rockster crusher they have stayed very busy with the crusher. "The machine has worked fabulously ever since, it is in production 10-12 hours a day 6 days a week for about 7-8 months a year", says Whitcomb. Furthermore the employees operating the machine especially applaud the craftsmanship and ingenuity of the design.


R800/R900 DUPLEX

Equip Sales & Leasing Corp. - North Haven (CT)

Equip Sales & Leasing Corp. and its employees have a combined 50 years of experience in the crushing, screening and recycling industry. 

R800-R900 Equip-Sales joe-collazo

The unique Duplex-System was a strong argument

Joe Collazo, Sales Manager of Equip Sales says: "Rockster crushers helped fill the void in the fleet as we didn’t have a closed circuit machine capable of producing spec material, and the fact that the machine can be switched from Jaw to Impactor made it an even easier decision for our company. The unique design of the duplex system allowed us to get maximum utilization of the machine, as it can be used in various application from virgin stone to recycled asphalt and concrete."

Rockster has developed the DUPLEX SYSTEM which has been patented for already 8 years now. It enables the exchange of impact crusher and jaw crusher and vice versa on one basic chassis within a few hours. This technology allows flexible recycling, operating with hard stone, asphalt, concrete or any other C&D. The hydrostatic drive system provides the technical base for this highly sophisticated system: It allows a continuous variation of the crusher speed as well as a clockwise or anti-clockwise operation of the crusher (or vice versa). Through this drive system Rockster's customers have the advantages of a great operation convenience, and due to the absence of a conventional clutch it is free of wear. Moreover the maintenance is simple and high performance across all applications due to an optimal adaptation to the various requirements is guaranteed.

R800-R900-DUPLEX Equip-Sales USA100% defined final grain

Moreover the ideal measures of the machine which allow to transport the crusher including the screening box and the return belt with one truck were important for choosing Rockster machines.
Equip Sales puts great emphasis on good performance and needs high-value, cubic final grain so they chose the optional screening box and the return belt to work with a closed circuit and produce 100% definable final grain. Additionally you have the possibility to use it as stockpile conveyor with a discharge height of up to 4 meters.
Mr. Collazo is very satisfied with Rockster: "Three years and almost 4000 hours later the machine continues to perform and shock our customers with its production and material quality despite its compact size."

R900 RAPID sale

A very quick decision

Rockster R900 prallbrecher polixmair transportLast week, the crushing company Polixmair from Gmunden (Upper Austria) bought a brand new Rockster R900 impact crusher including screenbox and return belt.

Customers with a lot of know-how

Under the slogan "No stone is too hard and no jobsite too far for us" the professionals do almost have 20 years of experience in mobile crushing - with both trading and own crushing projects. Rockster is proud that Polixmair Junior and Senior have chosen a Rockster system: "To negotiate with customers like Polixmair is tough but fair, they knew from the beginning exactly what they want, have a good overview of the market and know all crusher suppliers very well. They appreciate the technical advantages and know exactly what they look for when buying a new machine," said Wolfgang Kormann, CEO of Rockster.

Rockster R900 prallbrecher polixmair uebergabe


Flexibility plays a major role in the crushing sector

A main argument for Rockster were the optimal transport dimensions and a weight of only 28.5 tons, including screenbox and return belt, which also don't have to be dismantled for transport. "We have our customers all over Austria and plan our tours very precisely. Complicated transport handling and bureaucracy limit our flexibility and our conversion rate for each project . Therefore it is very important for us to keep the logistics as simple as possible. The R900 fits to our own trailer perfectly, just as we imagined it, " says Ferdinand Polixmair. Moreover with the legal permission, the machine is ready for use on any site immediately.

Rapid sale

The offer was sent on the 7th October, the machine was ordered on 8th October and handed over to Polixmair on 14th October - did you know, how fast you can buy a Rockster?



Recycling Aktiv 2013

Quality before quantity

At this year's Recycling Aktiv Fair at the Airpark in Baden-Baden (Germany) from 5th to 7th September, Rockster presented on a 700m² booth that it is the right partner when it comes to recycling.

With the most compact crusher of Rockster, the impactor R700S including screen box and return belt, and the smallest screen of the existing portfolio, the RS EASY 76 they gave an impressive demonstration of how these machines perform. The R700S was presented in action with demolition debris and concrete, and impressed the visitors with excellent output, the well established double-functional return- / stockpile conveyor and the ease of use. Also the separation of iron with the standard magnetic separator worked great. The integrated dust suppression also ensured that even in the intense heat on the first two days of the fair, the final grain was finely sprayed and ran from the machine without any dust clouds.

Great interest among the visitors, also aroused the most compact screen of Rockster, the RS EASY 76 which showed very well the separation into three different fractions during the demonstrations. The simple but very effective technology offers a high level of ease in maintenance and ease of use in operation. It is suitable for the preparation of soil material, rock, debris, compost, sand, coal and various other materials. Therefore it appeals to a wide target group.

Despite the limited number of visitors at the fair, the quality of the attendees and their interest to the machines have left a positive impression.

Thanks to all who visited us on our booth! 

Here you find a great Rockster movie of the fair! 



R1100DE parallel hybrid crusher

A revolutionary new technology

Rockster successfully tested the first parallel hybrid impact crusher

Rockster-R1100DE Englisch Vergleich Leistung-VerbrauchRockster has met the challenge and developed a completely new impact crusher for one of the largest French road construction companies.
Manufacturers of mobile plants are more and more requested to develop fuel consumption-, noise- and resource-saving technologies.

R1100D becomes R1100DE

Rockster’s “duplexable” impact crusher R1100D served as the basis of the new machine. This crusher is known mainly for its robustness and its good performance with high crushing ratio of any material. The customer also wanted to increase its flexibility and ordered the preparation for DUPLEX, the patented system that allows switching from a jaw to an impact crusher (and vice versa) within a few hours. Thus, the system increases the ability to adapt to various customer needs and can process their orders more efficiently.

Use of electrification as a hybrid solution

In the world of mobile crushers electricity is not often available, so Rockster has implemented the strengths of an electric motor in a hybrid solution.
The diesel engine operates nearly constant at optimal speed to drive the generator for the electric motor.

r1100de_parallel-hybrid-crusherThe permanent-magnet technology guarantees

  • decrease of energy consumption
  • a better engine- and generator-performance
  • maximum performance density with lower weight
  • smaller components

To cushion the load peaks

Any load peaks are cushioned by condensers - so-called power caps - which buffer the energy. The fuel consumption is reduced and through the use of virtually maintenance-free electric motors also maintenance costs are minimized. With this technology you can save up to 16,000 liters of diesel annually.

Robust technology necessary

All e-components are water cooled and meet the IP65 standard. They are specifically designed for usage in mobile construction machines and protected from dust, dirt and water. Moreover they are resistant to vibration and extreme temperature fluctuations.

Other highlights

  • The four new variable displacement pumps for the hydraulic system only supply the oil flow, which is actually needed, which reduces losses, saves fuel and ensures a consistently high pumping speed at low or varying diesel engine speed.
  • On the newly designed controller-display any machine parameters and settings are intuitive and easy to read. Carefully evaluated error messages increase a rapid determination and solution of failures and furthermore the ease of use increases the efficiency in the application and enrollment.
  • A hydraulic overload protection of the swing beams also improves the protection from inappropriate material and helps to avoid oversize material.
  • The unique return system, consisting of the two belt return or stockpile conveyor, is installed on one of Rockster’s bigger machines for the first time. With this system dismantling for transport is no longer necessary. You can work with a closed circuit and produce 100% definable final grain as well as the use it as stockpile conveyor with a discharge height of approximately 4 meters.

Optionally, the R1100DE can also be ordered with a grid connection to operate the crusher all-electric.
So further savings are possible, but the electricity in off-road terrain is not always guaranteed.

For further information contact us via e-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Rockster-R1100DE-parallel-hybrid-impact-crusher-01 thn  Rockster-R1100DE-parallel-hybrid-impact-crusher-02 thn  Rockster-R1100DE-parallel-hybrid-impact-crusher-03 thn  Rockster-R1100DE-parallel-hybrid-impact-crusher-04 thn  Rockster-R1100DE-parallel-hybrid-impact-crusher-05 thn  Rockster-R1100DE-parallel-hybrid-impact-crusher-06 thn  Rockster-R1100DE-parallel-hybrid-impact-crusher-07 thn  Rockster-R1100DE-parallel-hybrid-impact-crusher-09 thn


Crushing the mattress

Rockster-wiener-staedtiche-tv-spot making-ofRockster's impact crusher destroying money?

Of course this only happens on TV!

Actually in the new tv spot of an Austrian insurance company named "Wiener Städtische", where the mattress of a pensioner, who has saved all his money in this mattrass, is shredded and all his savings are gone. The famous Austrian advertising agency "Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann" chose a Rockster machine - the Rockster impact crusher R900 - for this unique recycling job.

Download here (mit englischen Untertiteln / with english subtitles, 15MB) 

Velkommen til Norge

Rockster with a strong new partner in Norway

Rockster-impact-crusher-R1100D norway 2013-05-29About two months ago the Norwegian company NORDIC MACHINE AS ordered two Rockster machines, the "duplexable" impact crusher R1100D and the mobile 2-deck scalping screen RSS615. NORDIC MACHINE has a lot of own projects for crushing granite or asphalt as well as rental customers who want to crush a variety of different materials.

Rockster-scalping-screen-RSS615 norway 2013-05-29 bWhy did they choose Rockster?

The main reasons why the CEOs of NORDIC MACHINE, Mr. Kvale and Mr. Torbjorn decided to buy Rockster machines, are the DUPLEX system which allows to change from impact to jaw crusher within short time, as well as the optimal transport dimensions which enable uncomplicated and fast handling of the logistics. Moreover with the combination of crusher and scalper they receive very well adjustable cubic-shaped end products in different sizes. Moreover the handling of the machines and especially the new controller for the R1100D with the intuitive graphics surface are big benefits.

 What are the first experiences with the machines?

In the last 2 months NORDIC MACHINES AS did its jobs primarily in the granite and asphalt sector on own jobsites and has many customers renting the machines. Engene Torbjorn is convinced of Rockster: "We have had the impact crusher and the screening plant for 2 months now and are delighted with their performance. We have worked with the machines on two applications until now, and a variety of applications including recycling of demolition debris, limestone and gravel will follow. The impressive performance of the two machines will make us flexible and perfectly suited to different crushing contractors' needs.Rockster-scalping-screen-RSS615 impact-crusher-R1100D norway 2013-05-29


Where there any fears when deciding for a Rockster?

Alf Kvale says: "We never thought that an impactor can crush hard granite rock as we usually crush it with a cone crusher. We were very surprised about the great performance with an output of about 160t/h (0/40 mm)." Both CEOs are professionals in the area of demolition and recycling and have many years of experience with crushers of different manufacturers. So their opinion and evaluation of Rockster's quality and performance means a lot to the team of Rockster Recycler.



R900 crushing granite in China

English: Rockster's expansion in China goes on


At the beginning of May the next Rockster impact crusher R900 was put into operation with its new owner in Liaoning, a province in North China. This company is using the impact crusher for various applications, e.g. crushing granite, river gravel and basalt for aggregate production, road renovation and construction, as well as recycling concrete, bricks and asphalt demolition. To increase the value of the final material the R900 was ordered with the Rockster screen box RS83 in combination with the return belt RB75. With this whole system 100% defined material can be processed in only one work flow.

Rockster-R900-impact-crusher-sale-china-may2013 2

In the middle of May Rockster organized a demonstration together with the new and proud owner of the R900 in Liaoning. Different job applications such as granite crushing and river gravel aggregate producing were carried out for a group of potential customers and end users coming from different cities and provinces. They were all deep impressed and well convinced by the powerful performance of such a compact machine with a total weight of 28 tons and the wide range of its applications. As another result of the demonstration, Rockster was also impressed by a fast growing market with a huge potential demand in China.


Concrete Show Beijing 2013

Rockster's first participation at the Concrete Show in Beijing

The Concrete Show in Beijing from 24th to 26th April 2013, is a regional fair primarily for companies in the concrete preparation, delivery, and processing industry.

As Rockster machines are already widely in use in this sector and due to the fact that Rockster has founded its own company in Beijing, it was the best opportunity to officially present Rockster-Beijing during this fair.

The 3-days-fair in the heart of Beijing, and was surprisingly well visited. Especially unexpectedly many visitors from reputable companies, and numerous government officials could be welcomed and followed Rockster's invitation.

And a clear trend is observable: although there exist many local manufacturer of processing plants, however, technically high-quality products from Europe attract more and more customers.

In summary, it was a very successful show because Rockster could generate very good and valuable contacts.



Bauma Munich 2013

The biggest trade fair for construction machinery - the BAUMA Munich 2013 - closed its doors again and we can look back on a very exciting and successful week.

Here some impressions of the Bauma:

Our BAUMA-Movie:

Our indoor stand:



our outdoor stands:



Rockster & Mix Fight

rockster-mix-fight-welsJasminka Cive

- the only female Austrian MMA-fighter is very famous in the USA. Because MMA is a popular and well known full contact combat sport in the States and for the purpose of increasing the popularity also in Austria, she organised the

Mix Fight Night on the 30th of March 2013

in the Rotax hall in Wels (Upper Austria). 

Rockster supported the exceptional athlete and was sponsor of this fantastic sports-event, which isn't only shown on Austrian TV, but  also on Eurosport as well as through broadcaster "GNP-TV" on channels in the whole world. 

"Fighting until you break your bones" is the motto of Jasminka and Cive her sports colleagues. In Austria there is no woman that could knock her out.

rockster-mix-fight-wels 1  rockster-mix-fight-wels 2  rockster-mix-fight-wels 3

"Mixed Martial Arts" the 'Best of' of combat sports...

Mixed martial arts (MMA), is a full contact combat sport that allows the use of both striking and grappling techniques, both standing and on the ground, from a variety of other combat sports. The roots of modern mixed martial arts can be traced back to the ancient Olympics where one of the earliest documented systems of codified full range unarmed combat was in the sport of pankration. Various mixed style contests took place throughout Europe, Japan and the Pacific Rim during the early 1900s. The combat sport of vale tudo that had developed in Brazil from the 1920s was brought to the United States by the Gracie family in 1993 with the founding of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). 

New solutions

Rockster-Puzzleteile-R1100DEAt the Bauma 2013 from 15th to 21st of April Rockster will present new solutions for more efficiency and improved handling.


You should be very eager to see Rockster's brandnew impact crusher R1100DE on the outdoor stand B1-2 217 which will be prettified by a famous Autrian artist in the style of spontaneous realism (similar to Salvador Dali's style). 


Rockster-steuerung-neu  Rockster-steuerung-neu-detail

On the other outdoor stand B1-2/227 Rockster presents its most compact impact crusher - the R700S with the new controller for easy handling, which can be tested by the customers.

R700S swings to the quarry

Like Austria's skiing-star Marcel Hirscher, the R700S leaned into the curve to reach the finishing line

Rockster r700S schwung1

Rockster r700S schwung2Last week Rockster had some excitement with its "little one" of the Rockster portfolio, the mobile impact crusher R700S.

It was transported from the Rockster headquarters in Ennsdorf to the next destination in the Bavarian Forest, when just before the entrance to the quarry the truck driver made a too sharp turn and the low platform trailer with the crushing plant - equipped with screening box and return belt - slipped a few meters down the hill.

Until the "Rescue-Team" arrived the crusher with its 22 tons got stuck and didn't slip down further. 





The machine was so tightly strapped that it didn't move and thus loader and crusher could be lifted smoothly again back on the road with a crane truck. With some delay the R700S reached the quarry and could immediately and without any scratches start operating and thanks to the excellent performance the job could be finished on time despite a special downhill ride.

Rockster r700S schwung3Rockster r700S schwung4 Rockster r700S schwung5


Rockster-Team at 30th Jännerrallye

Cold weather, but hot engines

Rockster sponsor Jaennerrallye-2013 05With snow, ice and rain the participants of this year's "Jänner-Rallye" (January-Rallye) had to deal with toughest conditions.

Rockster sponsor Jaennerrallye-2013 01But motivated by about 110.000 fans who came to the area of Freistadt from 3rd to 5th January, 88 teams did their best to drive through the finishing line.

"Despite of hardest circumstances and technical problems we finished the Rallye with a very good result and thanks to our sponsors we were able to succeed" says the driver of the Rockster team Martin Desl.

He and his daughter and co-driver Sabrina were one of 33 teams that reached this goal. In class H 12.2 ÖM they achieved the 3rd place, what entails the 18th place in the European ranking.

As sponsor of Martin and Sabrina's team of the "MSC Schenkenfelden" (a local automobile club) Rockster is very proud of their successful result.  

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Professional Crushing-Service

rockster r900 bachmaier2

HIgh Quality Crushing with the R900

The number of satisfied Rockster customers is growing and growing.
Also Mr. Günther Bachmaier has recognized the importance of recycling of building materials. He acquired Rockster's mobile crusher R900 equipped with a screening box RS83 and RB75 return belt in late December 2012. Ever since the machine is constantly in use at different jobsites, mainly in Upper Austria. 

With the R900, Mr. Günther Bachmaier adapted his portfolio to meet even more the needs of his customers and thanks to the mobility of the R900, he can offer crushing at the highest level within shortest time on different places.

Whether demolition debris, asphalt, concrete or virgin stone, the company "Lohnbrecher-Recycler-Bachmaier" is the right partner for each material to be processed .

Rockster congratulates Mr. Bachmaier and wishes him continued success in the future.

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