Hydrostatic Drive

Hydrostatic drive means constant performance and ideal
adjustment to job-specific power requirement!

The drive system is located at the rear of the machine and is enclosed in a soundproofed housing. The hydraulic pump is flanged directly onto the drive motor, which activates the crusher via a V-belt drive. The additional hydraulics (for main conveyor, side conveyor, vibration chute, crawler gear ...) are driven via the auxiliary drives.  

The main benefits of the hydrostatic drive:

  • Hydrostatischer AntriebIndividual adaptation of the crusher speed and thus optimum adjustment of the screening curve
  • Possibility to change the direction of rotation - essential for the patented  DUPLEX System
  • Energy adjustment as needed - the hydrostatic pressure adjusts to the power requirements of the crusher, resulting in a very constant crushing performance and the diesel engine always stays within the optimum speed range
  • Thanks to the constant crushing power, the diesel consumption per tonne of production is noticeably reduced
  • Crusher overload protection: no blockages due to lack of power because of constant energy reserves
  • The conventional clutch is eliminated - no wear

How does it work? 

hydrostatischer Antrieb

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