USPs Impact Crusher Unit

USPs Impact Crusher Unit

Rockster Impact Crushers are characterized by some special features:

  • High and constant performance thanks to the hydrostatic drive, as well as optimum adaptation of the system components
  • Overload protection of the crusher unit
  • Fully hydraulic adjustment of the swing beams without mechanical fixing, with integrated measuring system
  • Continuously variable adjustment of the rotor speed for optimum adaptation of the screening curve
  • Maximum height of the crusher outlet – easy material discharge – no blockages



From Jaw to Impact Crusher (and vice versa) - in Shortest Time

The Original DUPLEX-System (since 2004) allows the use of two different crusher types with only one basic machine. This guarantees various advantages:
  • Increased machine utilization 
  • Wider field of applications
  • Perfect choice for use in demanding C&D recycling (impact crusher) as well as for hard virgin stone (jaw crusher)
  • Lower wear due to optimal use of the machine
  • Saving transport costs
  • Saving costs for purchasing second crushing plant ("2-in-1")
Further Details and Pictures/Videos

  • R700S Track-Mounted Impact Crusher

    Especially designed for applications on limited space - as happening on inner-city jobsites

  • R800 Track-Mounted Jaw Crusher

    Rockster's compact jaw crusher with DUPLEX-functionality

  • R900 Track-Mounted Impact Crusher

    Rockster's compact impact crusher with DUPLEX-functionality

  • R1000S Track-Mounted Impact Crusher

    Rockster's latest impact crusher model with specially designed operating and safety comfort

  • R1200D Track-Mounted Jaw Crusher

    Rockster's biggest jaw crusher with DUPLEX-functionality

  • R1100S Track-Mounted Impact Crusher

    The flexible impact crusher with high performance

  • R1100DS Track-Mounted Impact Crusher

    The DUPLEX-able impact crusher - compact, flexible, quick to set-up and with high output

  • The Original DUPLEX-System (since 2004)

    From Jaw to Impact Crusher (and vice versa) - in Shortest Time

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