R1000S Track-Mounted Impact Crusher


Rocksters new impact crusher R1000S is especially designed to increase operating and safety comfort and includes a wide diversity of refinements:
  • Self-monitoring plant with easy gap adjustment and integrated measuring system for full machine control and analysis
  • Easy gap adjustment via display
  • 2-deck pre-screener for a further fraction plus increase of machine efficiency
  • Vibrating pre-screener for anti-blockage
  • Magnetic separator belt hydraulically adjust height (by remote control)
  • Autostart and -stop function –> sophisticated multifunctional color display with various quick start functions (different settings for a variety of applications)
  • Vibrating discharge chute for better belt protection
  • Increased operator protection (Hammer changing device, hydraulically lowerable screen box and main conveyor,…)
  • Double functional return and stockpile belt 
  • Low noise emission and environmentally friendly drive
  • Compact transport dimensions
Optional Screening System for Closed Circuit


Rockster R1000S Impact Crusher DetailsTechnical Details

Inlet openinig: 960 x 720 mm / 38" x 29"
Rotor: 4 hammers
Crusher drive: Hydrostatic
Rotor speed: Stepless adjustable
Swing beams: 2 (individually adjustable) 
Gap adjustment: Fully hydraulic
Drive unit: Tier 3A - Stage IIIA / Tier 4 Final - Stage IV / Stage V
Pre-screen: Vibrating (to avoid blockages)
Transport dimensions & Weight R1000S: Length: 10,10 m / 33'2"
Width:    2,55 m / 8'5" 
Height:   3,20 m / 10'6"
Weight: 31,00 t /  68,350 lbs

Screenbox RS100 + double-functional return belt RB92 

The screening system - consisting of the compact circular vibrating screen RS100 in combination with the double-functional return/stockpile belt RB92 - is the perfect option to ensure 100% defined final product.

RS100 Screenbox

  • Screening surface: ~ 3,5 m² / 37.7 ft²
  • Screenbox hydraulically lowerable for easy change of screens and quick maintenance
  • Adjustable amplitude for adapting to different materials (eg construction waste or natural stone)

RB92 Double functional return/stockpile belt

  • Return the material back to the feed hopper or stockpile it to obtain an additional final product

Transport dimensions & Weight R1000S+RS100+RB92

  • Length: 14,00 m / 46'
  • Width:    2,83 m / 9'4"
  • Height:   3,20 m / 10'6"
  • Weight: 35,50 t /  78,300 lbs

Product Videos

R1000S Track-mounted Impact Crusher recycling demolition debris / Raupenmobiler Prallbrecher

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Rockster R1000S Impact Crusher recycling demolition debris / Prallbrecher - Bauschutt recycling

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Rockster R1000S Quick Overview - Track-Mounted Mobile Crusher

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Rockster R1000S ÜBERBLICK - Raupenmobiler Prallbrecher

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Rockster R1000S Impact Crusher Recycling Industrial Concrete / Mobiler Prallbrecher

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R1000S Rockster Transport - Winter 2021

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Rockster R1000S Impact Crusher - Concrete / Mobiler Prallbrecher - Beton

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Rockster R1000S Impact Crusher - Gravel / Prallbrecher - Wandschotter

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Rockster R1000S Mobile Impact Crusher / Demolition Debris/ Mobiler Prallbrecher / Bauschutt

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Rockster R1000S Mobile Impact Crusher / CDR / Mobiler Prallbrecher / Bauschutt / Recycling

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Rockster R1000S Closed Circuit Impact Crusher / Mobiler Prallbrecher / Asphalt recycling

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Mobile impact crusher R1000S & Scalping screen RSS410 / Prallbrecher R1000S & Grobsiebanlage RSS410

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Reportage about Rockster / Reportage über Rockster - LT1

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Rockster Recyclers - Available at Company Wrench!

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Rockster for Earth Day 2018

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Rockster RVB1700 Air Blower / Windsifter

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Rockster Impactor R1000S Concrete / Prallbrecher Einsatz Beton

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Rockster Impact Crusher R1000S - Introduction Video / Prallbrecher R1000S

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Rockster Demo Show USA 2017

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Rockster Prallbrecher R1000S - brechen von Beton / Impact Crusher R1000S crushing concrete

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Crushing Concrete with Rockster's Impactor R1000S / Beton brechen mit Prallbrecher R1000S

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Rockster R1000S Prallbrecher / Imact crusher Show Parcours Germany

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Crushing Concrete with Rockster's Impact Crusher R1000S / Beton brechen mit Rockster's R1000S

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Job Stories

  • Flexible R1000S mobile crusher is the All-In-One solution at a demolition site for a future Eco-neighborhood in Paris

    PARIS - One of the buildings at a former Saint-Vincent-de-Paul hospital in the 14th district of Paris has been successfully demolished to make room for a temporary experiment in developing a future eco-district. Rockster’s R1000S track-mounted impactor has been chosen as on-site crusher to efficiently process construction and demolition waste.

  • High quality final product thanks to Air Blower and ease of operation among main arguments for Kober Transporte to invest in a Rockster R1000S impact crusher

    After almost 20 years of experience in recycling and processing material with a stationary crusher, Kober Transporte GmbH decided in the middle of this year to invest in a brand new Rockster R1000S track-mounted mobile impact crusher. The crusher will optimize their daily work load and most importantly produce a clean and high-quality end product.

  • Time to raise the bar and start crushing with Rockster R1000S

    At the beginning of 2021, Gerhard Off GmbH, from Fellbach in Baden-Württemberg has decided to invest in the 30-tonne R1000S impactor after 10 years of crushing with a Rockster R900. Due to a growing business that demands a more powerful machine it was easy to decide what is the next step to take. Because of a proximity to Schlei & Birkert, a Rockster Dealer for South Germany, and a decade long crushing experience with a Rockster, the new R1000S was the perfect fit.

  • Whether in Inner-City or Gravel Quarry - the Rockster R1000S increases Sedlmaier’s flexibility and efficiency

    In early 2020, Anton Sedlmaier GmbH from Starnberg in Bavaria decided to purchase the 30-tonne impact crusher R1000S. The first location is a large-scale project in the center of Tutzing, demolition and processing of a 6-story company building - 36,500 tons of highly reinforced construction debris were processed.

  • Rockster’s Closed Circuit Impactor as Nr.1 choice for a Leading Company in Recycling of Building Materials

    With a processing capacity of 80,000 tons of construction waste per year and a recycling degree of 98%, the precept "avoidance and recycling before landfill" is consistently implemented at Bauhof Deutschlandsberg. The Rockster impact crusher R1000S has been the centerpiece of the company since early 2020 and provides valuable services in the production of high-quality RC building materials.

  • From demolished concrete to recycled and reusable aggregate

    Demolition of concrete structures contains a large portion of high-quality building materials that can be recycled. To return these resources, the demolition is first processed in recycling plants such as mobile crushers, so that it can then be returned to the building material cycle as recycled aggregate. Dr. Sonnenberg from the magazine "Beton" explains in an interesting and descriptive report how concrete is processed, what's important to take care of and how it can then be used again as a building material.

  • The first Rockster impactor from the new headquarters is already in action

    The first impact crusher, R1000S from the new ROCKSTER HQ in Neumarkt in Mühlviertel (Upper Austria) is already working hard in Styria. Together with the Rockster scalping screen RSS410, the duo proves to be an extremely efficient combination in the processing of rubble and natural stone.

  • First R1000S crusher leaving the new factory

    It's time! The first impact crusher R1000S from the new ROCKSTER manufactory in Neumarkt im Mühlkreis is ready and will celebrate its premiere at Hopf Bagger KG in Styria.
    Since the middle of the year, Rockster Austria International GmbH has owned a 10,000 m² company premises in Neumarkt im Mühlkreis to establish its own production of the innovative Rockster crusher series. Producing such a technologically sophisticated machine is a special challenge.

  • The Rockster air blower RVB1700 removes impurities in one pass

    Rockster Recycler has developed a air blower retrofit kit for all Rockster crushers. With relatively little effort, the final material be significantly increased in value.

  • With Rockster‘s R1000S, Power and Ecological Footprint come hand in hand

    The Swedish recycling company Swerock puts a great deal of emphasis on the efficient reuse of construction waste. With the addition of a new R1000S to their fleet, Swerock contributes to a reduction of the environmental impact and supports a resource-efficient society.

  • New Location - Double the Production

    Continuous expansion, high quality standards as well as short delivery deadlines made such a step necessary for the manufacturer of mobile crushing and screening machinery, Kormann Rockster Recycler GmbH from Ennsdorf. The acquisition of a 10,000 m² property in Neumarkt im Mühlkreis (Upper Austria) promises to provide a strong and needed force in a continuous growth and market demand.

  • Future Development of RCD (Recycling of Construction and Demolition Waste)

    In an era where sustainability is a priority, how has the market for concrete processors grown and what is the fate of the final product? What are the main novelties Rockster brings to the market for Recycling of Demolition Waste?

  • Top quality final grain in one pass with Rockster’s R1000S and its integrated air blower

    Expansion of the D&R division at Herbst in Austria with Rockster's R1000S track-mobile impact crusher and its integrated air blower

  • The WOW-Effect at Rockster’s Booth

    At the Bauma 2019, Rockster not only presented its diverse range of products, but also immersed the visitors in new fields of interest.

  • Grand Rockster Live Demo – Showing Wide Variety

    Contractors, landscapers, construction/concrete or aggregate recycling and road building companies could check out the performance of Rockster's portfolio.

  • The new R1000S in Detail

    The new impact crusher fills the requirements of the customers to an increased operating and safety comfort and includes a variety of refinements.

  • Show-Parcours with R1000S

    Show Parcours at Apolczer in Germany with various construction machines and the Rockster impactor R1000S as highlight showing its strength in crushing demolition debris.

  • Rockster is the trend!

    A highlight every 3 years - the trade fair in the active basalt quarry! The Steinexpo customers showed great interest in the new R1000S impact crusher, which was live in action crushing concrete.

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