R1100DS Track-Mounted Impact Crusher


  • Vibration feeder with load dependent speed regulation (adjustable by remote control)
  • Continuous, fully hydraulic gap adjustment (electronic display)
  • Easy and intuitive multi-function display
  • Unique double-functional return belt system
  • Hydraulically lowerable screenbox for easy change of screens and maintenance
  • The Original DUPLEX-OPTION (since 2004): Exchange from jaw and impact crusher in shortest time
The mobile crushing plant R1100S is based on Rockster's hydraulic concept and guarantees profitable and flexible recycling of asphalt, concrete and any kind of demolition debris. Moreover it's equipped with a heavy duty rotor and therefore also ideal for applications in natural stone.

This impactor guarantees increased ease of use thanks to the intuitive multifunction display, a hydraulic gap adjustment, as well as an automatic, continuous control of the conveying speed. The versatile adjustment options ensure excellent final grain quality.

The optional screening system is the perfect option to ensure 100 % defined final grain.


Technical Details

Inlet opening: 1100 x 720 mm / 44" x 29"
Rotor: 4 hammers
Crusher drive: Hydrostatic
Rotor speed: Stepless adjustable
Swing beams: 2 (individually adjustable) 
Gap adjustment Fully hydraulic
Drive unit: Tier 3A - Stage IIIA / Tier 4 Final / Stage V engine
Pre-screen: Vibrating (to avoid blockages)
Transport dimensions & Weight R1100DS: Length: 13,60 m / 44'8"
Width:     2,75 m / 9'1"
Height:    3,45 m / 11'4"
Weight: 33,40 t  / 73,700 lbs

Screenbox RS114S & double-functional return/stockpile belt RB95

The optional screening system - consisting of the compact circular vibrating screen RS114S in combination with a double-functional return/stockpile belt RB95 - is the perfect option to ensure 100% defined final product.

RS114S Screenbox

  • Produce precieselly defined final product (depending on mesh sizes)
  • Screen surface: ~ 4,2 m² / 45.2 ft²
  • Screenbox hydraulically lowerable for easy change of screens and quick maintenance

RB95 Double Functional Return/Stockpile Belt

  • Return the material back to the feed hopper or stockpile it to produce second final product

Transport dimensions & Weight R1100S+RS114S+RB95

  • Length: 15,80 m / 51'10"
  • Width:     2,99 m / 9'10"
  • Height:    3,45 m / 11'4"
  • Weight: 38,00 t  / 83,700 lbs

The Original DUPLEX SYSTEM (since 2004) 

Within a few hours the track mounted crushing plant R1100DS can be changed from an impact to a jaw crusher (R1200D) - and vice versa. Therefore the plant can be optimized to the different requirements of the feeding material and guarantees a versatile operation.

Both crusher units are installed fully hydraulically and based on the same basic chassis. The hydrostatic drive system allows a clockwise or anti-clockwise operation of the crusher. So it is possible to install both
crushing units on the same basic frame.


Product Videos


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Rockster Impact Crusher R1100DS China Processing Granite / Prallbrecher Aufbereitung Granit in China

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Rockster R1100D Closed Circuit Impact Crusher - Gravel / Prallbrecher - Schotteraufbereitung

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Rockster R1100DS Closed Circuit Impact Crusher - construction waste/Mobiler Prallbrecher - Bauschutt

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Reportage about Rockster / Reportage über Rockster - LT1

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Mobile Crusher & Track-mounted Stacker / Mobiler Prallbrecher & Raupenmobiles Haldenband

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Impactor - Rockster R1100DS Impactor in operation crushing glass down to 7mm

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Rockster R1100DS Mobile Closed Circuit Impact Crusher / Mobiler Prallbrecher - Asphalt-Recycling

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Rockster for Earth Day 2018

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Rockster @BAUMA2019

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Rockster RVB1700 Air Blower / Windsifter

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R1100S Rockster Closed Circuit Impact Crusher - Limestone / Mobiler Prallbrecher - Kalkstein

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Rockster R1100DS Prallbrecher Impact Crusher Walkaround & Interview Steinexpo

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Kormann Rockster Recycler bauma 2016 • Messe-TV

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2 in 1 - Rockster Duplex System: Impact & Jaw Crusher in one / Einsatz Prallbrecher Backenbrecher

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Rockster Demo Show USA 2017

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R1100DS crushing demolition debris at Screenmasters in Australia

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Duplexumbau von R1200D auf R1100D / DUPLEX exchange R1200D to R1100D

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Rockster Impact Crusher Change of Blow Bars / Prallmühle Schlagleistentausch

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Rockster Prallbrecher R1100S Kalksteinbruch / Impact Crusher Limestone Quarry

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Rockster R1100DS Impact Crusher Demolition Debris / Prallbrecher Bauschutt

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Rockster R1100D Crushing Concrete / Autobahnbeton brechen

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Rockster Recycler Coal Mining

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Rockster Impact crusher / Prallbrecher Animation

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Rockster R1100 Basalt / Basalte (english titles)

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Rockster R1100 mobile impact crusher - Demolition Debris

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Rockster R1100 closed circuit impact crusher / Gravel

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Rockster R1100 closed circuit impact crusher / Gravel

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Rockster R1100 mobile impact crusher / Slate

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Rockster R1100 Beton / Concrete (english titles)

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Rockster R1100 RTS615 Kalkstein/Limestone (english titles)

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Job Stories

  • Rockster tackles 450,000yd3 of concrete in record time for Caravella Demolition at William Paterson University in New Jersey

    INTERVIEW - Caravella Demolition - Although John Caravella’ s schedule is hectic, he was able to give us his time to conduct a short interview about one of their bigger projects that included demolition and recycling on-site with the Rockster R1100DS closed circuit impact crusher.

  • Easy Handling and Compact Design of Rockster’s Mobile Impact Crusher were Crucial for a New Customer in China’s “City of Mountains”

    Since summer 2020, Rockster's R1100DS impact crusher has been surrounded by emerald green mountains and has been the perfect contract crusher for Kebao Construction Machinery Leasing in Chongqing, China. Above all, the easy transport, the excellent crushing performance and the hydrostatic drive were decisive for the Chinese customer.

  • Rockster DUPLEX Crusher Conquers the Kingdom of Morocco

    Since February 2020, the R1100D impactor with screen box and return belt has been creating valuable aggregate for CSB Mobile from Casablanca. The easy handling and good performance of the crusher as well as the possibility of processing various materials were key criteria for the purchase.

  • Recycling of Construction Waste as a New Division of Mjolnir Construction in Connecticut

    The Rockster impact crusher R1100DS offers an efficient solution with screen box and return belt, which enable a closed circuit for precisely definable final grain. Mjolnir Construction owner Thor Norgaard has set up two new construction waste recycling sites, one in Portland and one in Tolland, Connecticut for his new crusher. In addition to these two recycling sites, his mobile crushing plant is also available for recycling projects on site.

  • From demolished concrete to recycled and reusable aggregate

    Demolition of concrete structures contains a large portion of high-quality building materials that can be recycled. To return these resources, the demolition is first processed in recycling plants such as mobile crushers, so that it can then be returned to the building material cycle as recycled aggregate. Dr. Sonnenberg from the magazine "Beton" explains in an interesting and descriptive report how concrete is processed, what's important to take care of and how it can then be used again as a building material.

  • Rockster’s Hydrostatic Drive Concept is a Key Factor for Bavarian Recycling Specialist Forster

    For processing contaminated track ballast of the German railway company and construction waste the Bavarian recycling specialist Richard Forster purchased a mobile crusher from Rockster. "Performance and material quality are really excellent, the composition of fine and coarse fraction is exactly right for our customer requirements. The attached air blower also works perfectly. It has the optimal suction to blow away non-aggregate materials such as polystyrene, textiles, wood parts, plastic or ytong parts."

  • The Rockster air blower RVB1700 removes impurities in one pass

    Rockster Recycler has developed a air blower retrofit kit for all Rockster crushers. With relatively little effort, the final material be significantly increased in value.

  • Mobile Crusher R1100DS: Over half a million and still counting

    Since 2016, the track-mounted impact crusher Rockster R1100DS has been a valuable asset in processing asphalt, building rubble & gravel at Urschitz and has meanwhile produced 500,000 tonnes of material in various recycling and processing projects from East Tyrol to Carinthia.

  • The WOW-Effect at Rockster’s Booth

    At the Bauma 2019, Rockster not only presented its diverse range of products, but also immersed the visitors in new fields of interest.

  • Rockster's most powerful mobile impact crusher - R1100DS with Duplex System and Double-functional Return / Stockpile Belt

    At the BAUMA, ROCKSTER presents R1100DS, its most powerful mobile impact crusher with the state-of-the-art emission technology

  • 22nd of April: International Earth Day

    International Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd of April to encourage awareness for the balance of economic, social and environmental needs of present and future generations of humanity.

  • The Rockster Duplex-System: Best Investment Thanks to Universal Use

    By using the patented Rockster DUPLEX system with jaw and impact crusher on one basic machine, the Casaccia gravel quarry at the base of the ‘Maloja Pass’ in Graubünden (Switzerland) can quickly and efficiently meet the diverse requirements of its customers.

  • Grand Rockster Live Demo – Showing Wide Variety

    Contractors, landscapers, construction/concrete or aggregate recycling and road building companies could check out the performance of Rockster's portfolio.

  • Recycling of 100,000 Tonnes of Highway Concrete

    5,000 tonnes of concrete per week are processed with Rockster's R1100D and crushed to high quality 0-32mm final grain. This material is reused for stabilization and fillings in road construction.

  • Current Rockster Mission: More Carebbean Feeling

    Rockster’s R1100D working in Bermuda where they build a new airport terminal. This job included crushing ~ 100,000 cubic yards of excavated material, which mainly consisted of a sandy coralline mixture with high strength concrete from the taxiways.

  • R1100DS In The Historic Mardin

    The impact crusher R1100DS shows its strengths in the largest limestone quarry in the province of Mardin in South-East Turkey crushing limestone with edge lengths of up to 700mm to 0-35mm final grain for the use in road construction.

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