R700S Track-Mounted Impact Crusher


The R700S mobile impact crusher is especially designed for applications on limited space - as for example on inncercity jobsites. It is easily transported from one jobsite to another through its optimal measures and is the perfect combination of compactness and maximum performance.

This mobile crushing plant is based on Rocksters hydraulic concept and guarantees profitable and flexible recycling of asphalt, concrete and demolition debris as well as natural stone.

This Rockster crushing plant guarantees increased ease of use thanks to the intuitive multifunction display, a hydraulic gap adjustment, as well as an automatic, continuous control of the conveying speed. The versatile adjustment options ensure excellent final grain quality.

The optional screening system - consisting of the compact circular vibrating screen RS73 in combination with the double functional return/stockpile belt RB65 - is the perfect option for the track-mounted R700S impact crusher to ensure 100% defined final grain.


The most compact Rockster Closed Circuit Impact Crusher
Technical Details

Entry opening: 710 x 650 mm / 28" x 26"
Rotor: 4 hammers
Crusher drive: Hydrostatic
Swing beams: 2 (individually adjustable)
Gap adjustment: Fully hydraulic
Drive unit: Stage IIIA / Stage IV / Stage V engine
Pre-screen: Vibrating (to avoid blockages)
Transport dimensions & Weight R700S: Length:   9,00 m / 29'6"
Width:    2,41 m / 7'11"
Height:   3,15 m / 10'4"
Weight: 19,90 t /  43,900 lbs

R700S Rockster crusher has optimal transport dimensions

R700S - Standard Equipment for Rockster Mobile Crusher

Screenbox RS73 & double-functional return/stockpile belt RB65

The optional screening system - consisting of the compact circular vibrating screen RS73 in combination with the double-functional return/stockpile belt RB65 - is the perfect option for the track-mounted R700S impact crusher to ensure 100% defined final product.

RS73 Screenbox

  • Produce defined final product (depending on mesh sizes)
  • Screening surface: ~ 1,85 m² / ~ 20 ft²

RB65 Double functional return/stockpile belt

  • Return the material back to the feed hopper or stockpile it to obtain an additional final product.

Transport dimensions & Weight R700S+RS73+RB65

  • Length: 14,10 m / 46'3"
  • Width:    2,52 m / 8'3"
  • Height:   3,10 m / 10'2"
  • Weight: 22,80 t /  50,300 lbs

Options for Rockster R700S Mobile Crushing Plant

Product Videos

Rockster Prallbrecher R700S 24 hours

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Impact crusher / Prallbrecher R700S crushing Limestone / Kalkstein

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Rockster Impact Crusher - Asphalt recycling / Mobiler Prallbrecher - Asphalt brechen

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Rockster R700S Impact crusher

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Rockster impact crusher / Prallbrecher R700S Limestone / Kalkstein Austria Seebacher

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Rockster Impact Crusher R700S in China Beijing TV

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Rockster R700S Bauschutt / Demolition Debris (english titles)

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Rockster Impact crusher / Prallbrecher Animation

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Rockster Impact Crusher Change of Blow Bars / Prallmühle Schlagleistentausch

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Rockster Demo Show USA 2017

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Prallbrecher R700S von Kormann Rockster - recycling aktiv

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Rockster RVB1700 Air Blower / Windsifter

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Rockster for Earth Day 2018

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Reportage about Rockster / Reportage über Rockster - LT1

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Compact Concrete Crushing - Powerful R700S Rockster Impactor

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R700S Transport

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Job Stories

  • Efficiency paired with productivity – Rockster R700S with a RSS410 scalping screen

    Recycling construction/demolition waste with a Rockster R700S impact crusher to a 0/35 final product. Further on ist the end-product screened with a RSS410 scalper to a 0-2 mm as pavement beedding and 2-35 as mineral mix for substructure.

  • Increased Mobility with the most compact Rockster R700S track-mounted impact crusher

    Since the middle of the year, the company Oehlrich Naturstein & Service GmbH located southeast of Bremen, Germany has been using its new Rockster R700S track-mounted impact crusher to process construction debris. To say the least, the Oehlrich team was particularly impressed by the versatility and flexibility of this crusher.

  • Rockster Impactor R700S in Airy Heights!

    The Rockster R700S is the perfect crusher for this challenging jobsite on a sea level of 2,800 meters where it’s used to process asphalt for maintenance and repair work on the mountain.

  • Aloha! Rockster's Most Compact Impact Crusher Contributes to More Sustainability of the Hawaiian Paradise

    Alakona Corp from Honolulu relies on Austrian Engineering to process RAP and coral with their new R700S Rockster portable crushing plant. It was a logical step for Alakona to put emphasis on the recycling business, as natural rock isn’t gonna be there forever. Sustainability is the key factor. They chose a Rockster crusher because of a grand diversity of options and the hydrostatic drive system.

  • In-House Austrian Production Leads to Top Quality Product

    Successful introduction of the second machine type in series production at the new headquarters. In the course of the new production, the control system was also revised and the quick start function for the mobile impact crusher R700S and the material feed monitoring system were installed.

  • From demolished concrete to recycled and reusable aggregate

    Demolition of concrete structures contains a large portion of high-quality building materials that can be recycled. To return these resources, the demolition is first processed in recycling plants such as mobile crushers, so that it can then be returned to the building material cycle as recycled aggregate. Dr. Sonnenberg from the magazine "Beton" explains in an interesting and descriptive report how concrete is processed, what's important to take care of and how it can then be used again as a building material.

  • Future Development of RCD (Recycling of Construction and Demolition Waste)

    In an era where sustainability is a priority, how has the market for concrete processors grown and what is the fate of the final product? What are the main novelties Rockster brings to the market for Recycling of Demolition Waste?

  • Rockster R700S - Performance Combined with Compactness

    Rockster impact crusher R700S does a great job for the earthmoving and transport professional Wagner in Tyrol and convinced with performance and its optimal transport dimensions.

  • The compact power crusher R700S in use for recycling and aggregate processing projects in Tyrols mountains

    The company Thanner is specialized in recycling of asphalt and construction waste as well as forestry construction. They often need to go up to 1,800 meters on narrow forest roads with their machinery. No problem for the compact impact crusher R700S, which processes the material for road construction on site for immediate use.

  • Grand Rockster Live Demo – Showing Wide Variety

    Contractors, landscapers, construction/concrete or aggregate recycling and road building companies could check out the performance of Rockster's portfolio.

  • Innovative Recycling Project In The City Centre Of Beijing with Rocksters Most Compact Impactor R700S

    For the first time recycled asphalt and concrete were crushed directly at the jobsite and reused immediately for road construction. In this case it was essential to have the additionally attached dust suppression on the main belt of the mobile impact crusher R700S.

  • Sustainability heroes in South Africa

    Johannesburg's official waste management service provider Pikitup uses the Rockster R700S crushers to produce recycled material for road construction and various other projects. Landfills should be minimized, and processes where recycled material can be immediately reused shall be implemented.

On stock & second hand machines

  • R700S Track-mounted Impact Crusher - NEW

    Incl. Screenbox RS73 & Return-/Stockpile belt RB65
    Engine: Volvo STAGEV - 160kW / 218HP

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