R1100DE Track-Mounted Hybrid Impact Crusher


Increase of Performance & Decrease of Fuel Consumption!

The track-mounted parallel hybrid impact crusher R1100DE combines permanent magnet drive technology with a power cap system to reduce fuel consumption by up to 50%.
Therefore Rockster's hybrid crusher was nominated at the World Demolition Awards in the category "INNOVATIONS 2014".

  • With the exclusive "Power Caps" system the machine can store electrical energy to manage demand peaks for a smooth and continuous production of up to 450 tons per hour.
  • The hydrostatic pumps supply only the oil flow needed, reducing system heat and saving costs.
  • Continuous and fully hydraulic gap adjustment via the multifunctional display
  • The hydraulic overload protection assures a prevention of blockages and the automatic, continuous control of the adjusted feeder speed.
  • The hybrid impact crusher R1100DE is also equipped with the unique, double-functional return belt system, meaning it can be used as a discharge conveyor to produce two final products in one workflow, as well as for return of oversized materials directly back to the feeder for a closed circuit: Optional Screening System.
  • The DUPLEX System allows a fast exchange from impact to jaw crusher and vice versa.


Technical Details

Inlet opening: 1100 x 720 mm  / 44 x 29 in
Rotor: 4 hammers
Crusher drive: electric / Power Caps
Rotor speed: continuously variable
Swing beams: 2 (individually adjustable) 
Gap adjustment: fully hydraulic
Drive unit: TIER3a engine
Pre-screen: vibrating (to avoid blockages)
Transport dimensions & Weight R1100DE: Length: 13,30 m / 43.7 ft
Width:    2,75 m /   9.1 ft
Height:   3,40 m / 11.2 ft
Weight: 36,20 t / 79,800 lbs

Basic Equipment

  • Feed hopper (Hardox) 
  • Vibration feeder with 2-step pre-screener
  • Adjustable bypass chute (main/side conveyor)
  • Magnetic separator
  • Remote control
  • Sound-proofing
  • Crusher overload protection
  • Dust suppression system
  • Electronic controller with color display
  • DUPLEX-able

Optional Screening SystemSiebsystem

Screenbox RS114 & double functional return/stockpile belt RB95

The optional screening system - consisting of the compact circular vibrating screen RS114 in combination with the patent protected double-functional return/stockpile belt RB95 - is the perfect option to ensure 100% defined final grain.

RS114 Screenbox

  • For producing defined final grain (depending on mesh sizes)
  • Screen surface: ~ 4,2 m² / 45.2 ft²
  • Screenbox hydraulically lowerable for easy change of screens and quick maintenance

RB95 Double Functional Return/Stockpile Belt

  • For returning the material back to the feed hopper or stockpile it for receiving a further final fraction

Transport dimensions & Weight R1100S+RS114+RB95

  • Length: 15,70 m / 51.6 ft
  • Width:    2,99 m /   9.9 ft
  • Height:   3,20 m / 10.5 ft
  • Weight: 37,10 t / 81,800 lbs

DUPLEX-System: One machine - unlimited possibilities!


Within a few hours the track-mounted crushing plant R1100DE can be changed from an impact to a jaw crusher (R1200DE) - and vice versa. Therefore the plant can be optimized to the different requirements of the feeding material and guarantees a versatile operation.

Both crusher units are installed fully hydraulically and based on the same basic chassis. The hydrostatic drive system allows a clockwise or anti-clockwise operation of the crusher. So it is possible to install both
crushing units on the same basic frame.

Product Videos

Rockster R1100DE Hybrid Impact Crusher / Hybrider Prallbrecher

Video ansehen

Rockster R1100DE Hybrid Prallbrecher / Hybrid Impact Crusher

Video ansehen

Rockster R1100DE - Crushing illegal ivory in Paris - Elfenbeinbrechen Paris

Video ansehen

Rockster Impact Crusher Change of Blow Bars / Prallmühle Schlagleistentausch

Video ansehen

Duplexumbau von R1200D auf R1100D / DUPLEX exchange R1200D to R1100D

Video ansehen

Job Stories

  • Nomination for Innovation Award - Rockster Hybrid Impact Crusher

    The World Demolition Award is one of the most respectable awards worldwide, concerning the Demolition and Recycling Industry. Rockster's new R1100DE Hybrid Impact Crusher is nominated in the category "Innovations - Serial Product".

  • A revolutionary new technology - Rocksters new hybrid impact crusher sets a new benchmark

    In the world of mobile crushers electricity is not often available, so Rockster has implemented the strengths of an electric motor in a hybrid solution. The diesel engine operates nearly constant at optimal speed to drive the generator for the electric motor.

  • Rockster's R1100DE destroyed 3 tons of ivory in Paris

    France sets a signal against elephant poaching and crushed tons of ivory seized by French customs with the Rockster Hybrid Impactor R1100DE - a great event in front of the Eiffel Tower.

  • 22nd of April: International Earth Day

    International Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd of April to encourage awareness for the balance of economic, social and environmental needs of present and future generations of humanity.

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