R900 Track-Mounted Impact Crusher


The fully hydraulic, track-mounted impact crusher R900 is ideal for flexible recycling applications with asphalt, concrete and demolition debris. Furthermore it is used for jobsites with heavy virgin stones.

The mobile crushing plant R900 guarantees highest performance at a very high crushing ratio. Due to 2 hydraulically adjustable swing-beams, as well as variation of the rotor speed, the final grain can be optimally influenced.

Optional DUPLEX-System:
The hydrostatic drive system allows a clockwise or anti-clockwise operation of the crusher. So it is possible to install both crushing units on the same basic frame and  the machine can be chan-ged from impact crusher to jaw crusher - and vice versa - in shortest time.

Optional Screening System for Closed Circuit:
The screening system consists of the compact circular vibrating screen RS83 in combination with the return belt RB75 and is the perfect option for the track-mounted R900 impact crusher to ensure 100% defined final grain.


R900 Rockster Mobile Crushing Plant
Technical Details

Inlet opening: 900 x 720 mm / 36" x 29"
Rotor: 4 hammers
Crusher drive: Hydrostatic
Swing beams: 2 (individually adjustable) 
Gap adjustment: Fully hydraulic
Drive unit: Tier 3A - Stage IIIA / Tier 4 Final - Stage IV / Stage V
Pre-screen: Vibrating (to avoid blockages)
Transport dimensions & Weight R900: Length:   9,60 m / 31'6"
Width:    2,50 m / 8'3"
Height:   3,20 m / 10'6"
Weight: 25,50 t /  56,300 lbs

Screenbox RS83 & Return belt RB75

The optional screening system - consisting of the compact circular vibrating screen RS83 in combination with the return belt RB75 - is the perfect option for the track-mounted R800 to ensure 100% defined end-product.

RS83 Screenbox

  • Produce preciselly defined final product (depending on mesh sizes)
  • Screening surface: ~ 2,2 m² / 23.7 ft²

RB75 Return belt

  • Return the material back to the feed hopper

Transport dimensions & Weight R900+RS83+RB75

  • Length: 14,20 m / 46'7"
  • Width:    2,50 m /  8'3"
  • Height:   3,25 m / 10'8"
  • Weight: 28,60 t /  63,100 lbs

The Original DUPLEX-System (since 2004)

Within a few hours the track mounted crushing plant R900 can be changed from an impact crusher to a jaw crusher (R800) - and vice versa.

Therefore the plant can be optimized to the different requirements of the feeding material and guarantees a versatile operation.

Both crusher units (R80 and R90) are installed fully hydraulically and based on the same basic chassis. The hydrostatic drive system allows a clockwise or anti-clockwise operation of the crusher. So it is possible to install both crushing units on the same basic frame.

Product Videos

R900 Demolition Debris / Bauschutt Recycling Fix Recycling

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Rockster Prallbrecher R900 Asphalt-Recycling Ehrwald Neuberger

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R900 China granite and river gravel / Granit und Flussschotter

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Rockster R900 Flussschotter / River Gravel (english titles)

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Rockster R900 Kalkstein / Limestone (english titles)

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Rockster R900 Eisenerz / Iron Ore (english titles)

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Rockster R900 Granit / Granite (english titles)

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Rockster R900 Bauschutt / Demolition Debris (english titles)

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Rockster R900 Stahlbeton / Reinforced Concrete (english titles)

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Rockster R900 Asphalt (english titles)

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Rockster R900 Impact crusher - Asphalt crushing & screening

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Rockster R900 Impact crusher in Asphalt crushing.

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Rockster Impact crusher / Prallbrecher Animation

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One Machine - TWO CRUSHERS. Rockster Duplex System R900/R800

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Rockster Impact Crusher Change of Blow Bars / Prallmühle Schlagleistentausch

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Rockster RVB1700 Air Blower / Windsifter

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Rockster for Earth Day 2018

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Reportage about Rockster / Reportage über Rockster - LT1

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Rockster R900 Mobile Crusher - EASY TO TRANSPORT

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Job Stories

  • High performance, compact dimensions & first-class customer service is a reason why invest in another Rockster crusher

    Zeković Company Doo ist eines der größten Bauunternehmen Montenegros und hat seinen Hauptsitz inmitten der Bergregion Durmitor, in der höchstgelegensten Stadt des gesamten Balkans – namens Zabljak. Mit über 40 Mitarbeitern deckt das Unternehmen die Hauptgeschäftsfelder Hochbau, sowie die Instandhaltung und Entwicklung der Straßeninfrastruktur ab. Vor Kurzem hat Zeković den Auftrag zur Umsetzung eines Großprojektes erhalten, auf 1.450m Seehöhe soll in der bergigen Region Durmitor ein neues Hotel gebaut werden.

  • Ease of transport and high performance were key factors to purchase Rockster R900 impactor

    The number of demolition projects has been increasing steadily over the years, and the disposal of construction waste has become more and more expensive. The next logical step for Martin Meier Erdbau from Velburg, in the Upper Palatinate area of Germany, was the purchase of a mobile crusher so that the demolition material could be recycled anywhere and at any time. It was an easy and quick decision for the entrepreneur: The Rockster impact crusher R900.

  • From demolished concrete to recycled and reusable aggregate

    Demolition of concrete structures contains a large portion of high-quality building materials that can be recycled. To return these resources, the demolition is first processed in recycling plants such as mobile crushers, so that it can then be returned to the building material cycle as recycled aggregate. Dr. Sonnenberg from the magazine "Beton" explains in an interesting and descriptive report how concrete is processed, what's important to take care of and how it can then be used again as a building material.

  • Reliability. After 11 years of quality crushing with R900, it’s time for a larger Rockster impactor.

    Reliability pays off. The Slovenian construction company AGM Nemec has been a satisfied Rockster R900 customer for almost a decade and, thanks to up-and-coming business, has now invested in the next impactor - the track-mounted mobile impact crusher R1100S.

  • Rockster Impact Crusher R900 delivers top Performance in Construction Waste Recycling

    The main argument for another Rockster impact crusher was the unbeatable output. I also tested equipment from other manufacturers, but in case of crushing performance this machine is one step ahead of the others.

  • The Rockster air blower RVB1700 removes impurities in one pass

    Rockster Recycler has developed a air blower retrofit kit for all Rockster crushers. With relatively little effort, the final material be significantly increased in value.

  • Both Rockster Impactor & Scalper as No.1 choice to start the Recycling Business

    Titan Enterprises is a large construction company in Virginia and acquired a well-equipped recycling site in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina which gives the company an opportunity to make their own construction material. With their new Impact Crusher R900 and their Scalping Screen RSS410 concrete is mainly recycled on-site and later re-used for their own projects.

  • 22nd of April: International Earth Day

    International Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd of April to encourage awareness for the balance of economic, social and environmental needs of present and future generations of humanity.

  • The Rockster Impactor R900 Meets Exactly the Requirements of its New Belgian Customer

    A reliable, flexible and compact crusher without too much electronics and high output was Michiels’ demand for their new crushing plant, which is mainly used to produce 0-40mm final grain, delivered to construction contractors for for road construction and different base layers.

  • Rockster’s R800/R900 DUPLEX System as Ideal Solution for Processing Lead Ore

    The P.B. Mining Company in Tanzania chose the “2-in-1” machine for crushing this highly abrasive rock "Galena" and saving acquisition, wear and transport costs by using the DUPLEX-system.

  • Rockster DUPLEX system: Crushing hard river gravel in the Colombian jungle

    Hard test for the DUPLEX system: Change from jaw to impact crusher and vice versa in one day to crush very hard, contaminated river gravel (0-500 mm) and production of high quality, cubic final grain 0-25 mm.

  • R900 - Special Construction for Particular Requirements in Coal Processing

    Rockster impact crusher R900 was adapted to special customer requests for the crushing of coal in the port of Latvia.

  • Recycling of Demolition Debris & Asphalt with Impactor R900

    Giant "Semmelrock" construction site with concrete recycling of 300-400mm feeding material crushed to 0-16mm final material with the Rockster R900 impact crusher including screening system. The perfectly defined final grain in one pass.

  • New storage reservoir at Hochkönig

    To build a storage reservoir with about 70,000 m³ capacity and a pumping station, the Rockster impact crusher R900 was used to process all of the rock excavation material recovered from greywacke shale on the jobsite located 1,600 m above sea level.

  • Styrian demolition specialist Fix Recycling relies on Rockster crusher

    Fix Recycling has equipped his Rockster crushing plant with a belt weigh scale and can thus offer his customers an hourly rate per tonne very straightforward - because the motto of the company is "Fair Billing creates good customer relationships".

  • Well Proven - Reinvested

    After 10 years and about 8000 operating hours, it was time for a new investment - the customer's choice was once again the well established R900 impact crusher.

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