Rockster always combines state-of-the-art with well-proven technologies in all mobile crushing and screening plants. The practical input of the worldwide Rockster network plays an essential role. The experience of users from various fields of application - such as recycling of asphalt, concrete and other construction materials as well as the efficient processing of natural stone or metal - combined with the extensive know-how of the Rockster R&D department result in first-class crushing and screening results.

Reliable, robustly designed recycling machines with high output and a wide range of possible applications guarantee maximum efficiency and profitability for each Rockster customer.

"Maximum customer orientation for shared success"

Our success depends on the success of our customers. The success of our customers is in turn ensured by

  • maximum reliability due to top product quality
  • maximum performance due to innovative design concepts
  • economical operations due to technical advances
  • prompt service and competent consultation
  • long-term cooperation  Rockster Urkunden und Patente


More than half of the total waste volume worldwide is caused by construction waste such as asphalt demolition material, excavated soil or demolition debris. Sinking landfill opportunities, rising disposal costs and the increasing scarcity of raw materials demand more and more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions in the construction industry.

Construction and demolition recycling as well as material processing are already major profit factors for many companies in the construction market.
The reclamation of construction debris and the processing of virgin stone are a guaranteed step towards success for the modern contractor.

Four grand advantages of professional mobile C&D recycling and processing:

  • No deponie fees
  • No transport costs thanks to on-the-site processing
  • No additional costs incurred for costly virgin material
  • Increased profit through resale


  • 2004

    Foundation of Kormann Rockster Recycler GmbH.
    Development of the compact crushing plants R800 and R900 and construction of the prototype for the R900.

  • 2005

    Patent application for the „Rockster DUPLEX-System“.
    Serial production of the R800 and R900 product line.
    Initiating the distribution network in Europe.

  • 2006

    Development of the compact crushing plants R700, R700TR, R700HL.
    Launch of the FIRST screen box RS83 with return belt WITHOUT leg supports.
    Therefore full mobility was provided for the first time.

  • 2007

    Receipt of the patent for the „Rockster Duplex-System“.
    Receipt of the innovation award in Zaragoza (Spain).
    Receipt of the improvement award "Schrittmacher-Preis" (Austria - OÖ Rundschau).

  • 2008

    Building of a new warehouse, service- and R&D center as well as a quality checkpoint in Ennsdorf/Austria.
    Receipt of the Austrian business award for young companies.
    Market expansion into Australia and Asia.

  • 2009

    Development & launch of the R1100 – 32 t impact crusher with screen box RS94 & return belt RB85.
    Market expansion into Russia.

  • 2010

    Foundation of Rockster India.
    Market expansion into South America.

  • 2011

    Launch of the Duplex system for the R1100/R1200.
    Launch of the impact crusher R700S with screening system and patented double functional return-/stockpile belt.
    Market expansion into North Africa.

  • 2012

    Launch of the impact crusher R1100D (D = Duplex-able).
    Product line extension: mobile Rockster finishing and scalping screens.

  • 2013

    Launch of the first hybrid impact crusher R1100DE.
    Foundation of Rockster Germany.
    Foundation of Tianjin Rockster Machinery Distribution in China.

  • 2014

    Launch of the impact crusher R1100DS (stepless, fully hydraulic gap adjustment).
    Receipt of the patent for the double functional return-/stockpile belt.

  • 2015

    Launch of the impact crusher R1100S.
    Launch of the mobile screening plant RTS514.

  • 2016

    Foundation of Rockster North America Inc. Based in New Jersey (USA).
    Product line extension: mobile Rockster trommel screens and stackers.
    Design & development of the compact impact crusher R1000S.

  • 2017

    Launch of the impact crusher R1000S.

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