• R1100S on-site recycling c&d

    On-site recycling / On-site application
    Rockster R1100S tracked impact crusher saving transport costs and producing high quality aggregate in New Haven, ConnecticutR1100S recycling mainly concrete with the feeding size of <500mm (up to 20”) and crushing it down to 0/32mm (1 ¼”)


    “If the focus is on working in partnership with customers, suppliers and employees, than Rockster's success will be secured and multiplied. Innovative and powerful products as well as solutions that focus on the highest product quality and reliability, combined with the best possible service, are the basis for achieving future goals. Teamwork the core value in order achieve goals faster, better and with joy,” says Managing Director Norbert Feichtinger.

  • Rockster tackles 450,000yd3 of concrete in record time for Caravella Demolition at William Paterson University in New Jersey

    INTERVIEW - Caravella Demolition - Although John Caravella’ s schedule is hectic, he was able to give us his time to conduct a short interview about one of their bigger projects that included demolition and recycling on-site with the Rockster R1100DS closed circuit impact crusher.

  • Flexible R1000S mobile crusher is the All-In-One solution at a demolition site for a future Eco-neighborhood in Paris

    PARIS - One of the buildings at a former Saint-Vincent-de-Paul hospital in the 14th district of Paris has been successfully demolished to make room for a temporary experiment in developing a future eco-district. Rockster’s R1000S track-mounted impactor has been chosen as on-site crusher to efficiently process construction and demolition waste.

  • Efficiency paired with productivity – Rockster R700S with a RSS410 scalping screen - ÜBERSETZEN

    Recycling construction/demolition waste with a Rockster R700S impact crusher to a 0/35 final product. Further on ist the end-product screened with a RSS410 scalper to a 0-2 mm as pavement beedding and 2-35 as mineral mix for substructure.

  • Höchste Mobilität mit dem Rockster R700S Prallbrecher

    Seit Mitte des Jahres setzt die Firma Oehlrich Naturstein & Service GmbH aus Verden an der Aller, südöstlich von Bremen bei der Aufbereitung von Bauschutt auf ihre neue Rockster Brechanlage R700S. Vor allem die Vielseitigkeit und Flexibilität dieses Brechers überzeugt das Oehlrich-Team.

  • High quality final product thanks to Air Blower and ease of operation among main arguments for Kober Transporte to invest in a Rockster R1000S impact crusher - ÜBERSETZEN

    After almost 20 years of experience in recycling and processing material with a stationary crusher, Kober Transporte GmbH decided in the middle of this year to invest in a brand new Rockster R1000S track-mounted mobile impact crusher. The crusher will optimize their daily work load and most importantly produce a clean and high-quality end product.

  • Rockster R800 jaw crusher ensures sustainability in Styria – the green heart of Austria

    Located in Styria, better known as the “green heart of Austria”, Happenhofer Bau GmbH has its recycling center and gravel quarry where construction waste such as brick, concrete, and asphalt as well as gravel are recycled and/or processed. Rockster R800 track-mounted jaw crusher is the latest edition to their fleet and is mainly used to recycle previously mentioned demolition waste as well as to produce an optimal gravel mix (0/70mm) for road-base. At the heart of it all is honest work, sustainability, and green future for all.

  • High performance, compact dimensions & first-class customer service is a reason why invest in another Rockster crusher

    Zeković Company Doo ist eines der größten Bauunternehmen Montenegros und hat seinen Hauptsitz inmitten der Bergregion Durmitor, in der höchstgelegensten Stadt des gesamten Balkans – namens Zabljak. Mit über 40 Mitarbeitern deckt das Unternehmen die Hauptgeschäftsfelder Hochbau, sowie die Instandhaltung und Entwicklung der Straßeninfrastruktur ab. Vor Kurzem hat Zeković den Auftrag zur Umsetzung eines Großprojektes erhalten, auf 1.450m Seehöhe soll in der bergigen Region Durmitor ein neues Hotel gebaut werden.

  • Time to raise the bar and start crushing with Rockster R1000S - ÜBERSETZEN

    At the beginning of 2021, Gerhard Off GmbH, from Fellbach in Baden-Württemberg has decided to invest in the 30-tonne R1000S impactor after 10 years of crushing with a Rockster R900. Due to a growing business that demands a more powerful machine it was easy to decide what is the next step to take. Because of a proximity to Schlei & Birkert, a Rockster Dealer for South Germany, and a decade long crushing experience with a Rockster, the new R1000S was the perfect fit.

  • Rockster R1000S mobile impact crusher plays an integral role in reducing demolition waste in Sweden. - ÜBERSETZEN

    Rockster's Swedish Sales Partner Niklas Johansson of Biocare Svenska AB, has introduced Rockster mobile crushers to Haga R.O.T. with a lot of success. The company has been in the crushing business since 2008 and during this time they have acquired a valuable knowledge in terms of what works and what doesn`t when it comes to mobile crushers. Both Haga R.O.T. and Biocare Svenska have a long history of working together.

  • We grieve the loss of our company founder Wolfgang Kormann - ÜBERSETZEN

    We say goodbye to Wolfgang Kormann, the founder of our company, who unfortunately left us way too early after a short and serious illness.

  • Increased Efficiency with a Second Rockster Crusher at Tropic Mining & Quarry in Burkina Faso

    The Burkinabe mining specialist Tropig Mining & Quarry has been using a Rockster R900 impact crusher since 2008. To significantly increase limestone processing, a brand new R1100S closed circuit impactor has been added to their machine fleet in autumn 2020. "We produce about 300 tons per hour of fine limestone 0/32 mm and can sell it to cement manufacturers very well,” says CEO Al Hassane Sienou.

  • Aloha! Rockster's Most Compact Impact Crusher Contributes to More Sustainability of the Hawaiian Paradise

    Alakona Corp from Honolulu relies on Austrian Engineering to process RAP and coral with their new R700S Rockster portable crushing plant. It was a logical step for Alakona to put emphasis on the recycling business, as natural rock isn’t gonna be there forever. Sustainability is the key factor. They chose a Rockster crusher because of a grand diversity of options and the hydrostatic drive system.

  • Easy Handling and Compact Design of Rockster’s Mobile Impact Crusher were Crucial for a New Customer in China’s “City of Mountains”

    Since summer 2020, Rockster's R1100DS impact crusher has been surrounded by emerald green mountains and has been the perfect contract crusher for Kebao Construction Machinery Leasing in Chongqing, China. Above all, the easy transport, the excellent crushing performance and the hydrostatic drive were decisive for the Chinese customer.

  • Rockster DUPLEX Crusher Conquers the Kingdom of Morocco

    Since February 2020, the R1100D impactor with screen box and return belt has been creating valuable aggregate for CSB Mobile from Casablanca. The easy handling and good performance of the crusher as well as the possibility of processing various materials were key criteria for the purchase.

  • Ease of transport and high performance were key factors to purchase Rockster R900 impactor

    The number of demolition projects has been increasing steadily over the years, and the disposal of construction waste has become more and more expensive. The next logical step for Martin Meier Erdbau from Velburg, in the Upper Palatinate area of Germany, was the purchase of a mobile crusher so that the demolition material could be recycled anywhere and at any time. It was an easy and quick decision for the entrepreneur: The Rockster impact crusher R900.

  • Recycling of Construction Waste as a New Division of Mjolnir Construction in Connecticut

    The Rockster impact crusher R1100DS offers an efficient solution with screen box and return belt, which enable a closed circuit for precisely definable final grain. Mjolnir Construction owner Thor Norgaard has set up two new construction waste recycling sites, one in Portland and one in Tolland, Connecticut for his new crusher. In addition to these two recycling sites, his mobile crushing plant is also available for recycling projects on site.

  • Whether in Inner-City or Gravel Quarry - the Rockster R1000S increases Sedlmaier’s flexibility and efficiency

    In early 2020, Anton Sedlmaier GmbH from Starnberg in Bavaria decided to purchase the 30-tonne impact crusher R1000S. The first location is a large-scale project in the center of Tutzing, demolition and processing of a 6-story company building - 36,500 tons of highly reinforced construction debris were processed.

  • Rockster’s Closed Circuit Impactor as Nr.1 choice for a Leading Company in Recycling of Building Materials

    With a processing capacity of 80,000 tons of construction waste per year and a recycling degree of 98%, the precept "avoidance and recycling before landfill" is consistently implemented at Bauhof Deutschlandsberg. The Rockster impact crusher R1000S has been the centerpiece of the company since early 2020 and provides valuable services in the production of high-quality RC building materials.

  • In-House Austrian Production means top quality product

    Successful introduction of the second machine type in series production at the new headquarters. In the course of the new production, the control system was also revised and the quick start function for the mobile impact crusher R700S and the material feed monitoring system were installed.

  • From demolished concrete to recycled and reusable aggregate

    Demolition of concrete structures contains a large portion of high-quality building materials that can be recycled. To return these resources, the demolition is first processed in recycling plants such as mobile crushers, so that it can then be returned to the building material cycle as recycled aggregate. Dr. Sonnenberg from the magazine "Beton" explains in an interesting and descriptive report how concrete is processed, what's important to take care of and how it can then be used again as a building material.

  • Measures regarding COVID-19

    The COVID-19 situation affects us now worldwide. It also demands that we all take the responsibility and cooperate together in order to deal with this exceptional situation, as quickly as possible. In these special times, the most important task for us is to take the necessary precautions for health and safety as well as to make sure that the business for our customers and ourselves continues as smoothly as possible. In the next few months, we will implement measures that are more flexible and unique, which will guarantee the safe continuation of production and delivery of spare parts.

  • Reliability. After 11 years of quality crushing with R900, it’s time for a larger Rockster impactor.

    Reliability pays off. The Slovenian construction company AGM Nemec has been a satisfied Rockster R900 customer for almost a decade and, thanks to up-and-coming business, has now invested in the next impactor of the Upper Austrian manufacturer - the track-mounted mobile impact crusher R1100S.

  • Rockster Impact Crusher R900 delivers top Performance in Construction Waste Recycling

    The main argument for another Rockster impact crusher was the unbeatable output. I also tested equipment from other manufacturers, but in case of crushing performance this machine is one step ahead of the others.

  • The first Rockster impactor from the new headquarters is already in action

    The first impact crusher, R1000S from the new ROCKSTER HQ in Neumarkt in Mühlviertel (Upper Austria) is already working hard in Styria. Together with the Rockster scalping screen RSS410, the duo proves to be an extremely efficient combination in the processing of rubble and natural stone.

  • First R1000S crusher leaving the new factory

    It's time! The first impact crusher R1000S from the new ROCKSTER manufactory in Neumarkt im Mühlkreis is ready and will celebrate its premiere at Hopf Bagger KG in Styria.
    Since the middle of the year, Rockster Austria International GmbH has owned a 10,000 m² company premises in Neumarkt im Mühlkreis to establish its own production of the innovative Rockster crusher series. Producing such a technologically sophisticated machine is a special challenge.

  • Both Rockster Impactor & Scalper as No.1 choice to start the Recycling Business

    Titan Enterprises is a large construction company in Virginia and acquired a well-equipped recycling site in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina which gives the company an opportunity to make their own construction material. With their new Impact Crusher R900 and their Scalping Screen RSS410 concrete is mainly recycled on-site and later re-used for their own projects.

  • Mobile Crusher R1100DS: Over a half-million mark and still counting

    Since 2016, the track-mounted impact crusher Rockster R1100DS has been a valuable asset in asphalt, building rubble & gravel at Urschitz and has meanwhile produced 500,000 tonnes of material in various recycling and processing projects from East Tyrol to Carinthia.

  • What to do with millions of tons of demolition debris in Greater Paris?

    The new Supermétro is a megaproject in the French capital, the tunnel boring machines are massively pumping up soil and rocks and the rubble from old buildings has to be processed. To conserve natural resources and create an efficient material cycle, construction waste and old asphalt are recycled using a Rockster R1100S impact crusher.

  • Jaw Crusher R800 crushes 280,000 m³ highly reinforced concrete on one jobsite in Russia

    On an area of 23,000 m² the old factory buildings of “KOMBINAT” in Voronezh need to be demolished. It is a grand project the new Rockster customer in Voronezh, a domestic private demolition company, which bought a new Rockster jaw crusher R800 in April 2019.

  • With Rockster‘s R1000S, Power and Ecological Footprint come hand in hand

    The Swedish recycling company Swerock puts a great deal of emphasis on the efficient reuse of construction waste. With the addition of a new R1000S to their fleet, Swerock contributes to a reduction of the environmental impact and supports a resource-efficient society.

  • New Location - Double the Production

    Continuous expansion, high quality standards as well as short delivery deadlines made such a step necessary for the manufacturer of mobile crushing and screening machinery, Kormann Rockster Recycler GmbH from Ennsdorf. The acquisition of a 10,000 m² property in Neumarkt im Mühlkreis (Upper Austria) promises to provide a strong and needed force in a continuous growth and market demand.

  • Future Development of RCD (Recycling of Construction and Demolition Waste)

    In an era where sustainability is a priority, how has the market for concrete processors grown and what is the fate of the final product? What are the main novelties Rockster brings to the market for Recycling of Demolition Waste?

  • Top quality final grain in one pass with Rockster’s R1000S and its integrated air blower

    Expansion of the D&R division at Herbst in Austria with Rockster's R1000S track-mobile impact crusher and its integrated air blower

  • The WOW-Effect at Rockster’s Booth

    At the Bauma 2019, Rockster not only presented its diverse range of products, but also immersed the visitors in new fields of interest.

  • Rockster R700S - Performance Combined with Compactness

    Rockster impact crusher R700S does a great job for the earthmoving and transport professional Wagner in Tyrol and convinced with performance and its optimal transport dimensions.

  • Rockster's most powerful mobile impact crusher - R1100DS with Duplex System and Double-functional Return / Stockpile Belt

    At the BAUMA, ROCKSTER presents R1100DS, its most powerful mobile impact crusher with the state-of-the-art emission technology

  • The Impact Crusher R1100S in long-term use in Turkey

    Over 9000 operating hours with an average performance of 150 tonnes per hour (170 st/h).
    The Rockster R1100S proves itself every day in road construction in the Turkish province of Gaziantep.
    And that to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

  • The new Rockster air blower RVB1700

    Rockster Recycler has developed a air blower retrofit kit for all Rockster crushers. With relatively little effort, the final material be significantly increased in value.

  • 22nd of April: International Earth Day

    International Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd of April to encourage awareness for the balance of economic, social and environmental needs of present and future generations of humanity.

  • Minimize operating costs - maximize landfill capacity with track-mounted stackers of Rockster

    The use of Rocksters track-mounted stackers helps to minimize operating costs while maximizing landfill capacity.

  • The Rockster Duplex-System: Best Investment Thanks to Universal Use

    By using the patented Rockster DUPLEX system with jaw and impact crusher on one basic machine, the Casaccia gravel quarry at the base of the ‘Maloja Pass’ in Graubünden (Switzerland) can quickly and efficiently meet the diverse requirements of its customers.

  • The Rockster Impactor R900 Meets Exactly the Requirements of its New Belgian Customer

    A reliable, flexible and compact crusher without too much electronics and high output was Michiels’ demand for their new crushing plant, which is mainly used to produce 0-40mm final grain, delivered to construction contractors for for road construction and different base layers.

  • Rockster’s R800/R900 DUPLEX System as Ideal Solution for Processing Lead Ore

    The P.B. Mining Company in Tanzania chose the “2-in-1” machine for crushing this highly abrasive rock "Galena" and saving acquisition, wear and transport costs by using the DUPLEX-system.

  • R1100DS In The Historic Mardin

    The impact crusher R1100DS shows its strengths in the largest limestone quarry in the province of Mardin in South-East Turkey crushing limestone with edge lengths of up to 700mm to 0-35mm final grain for the use in road construction.

  • Current Rockster Mission: More Carebbean Feeling

    Rockster’s R1100D working in Bermuda where they build a new airport terminal. This job included crushing ~ 100,000 cubic yards of excavated material, which mainly consisted of a sandy coralline mixture with high strength concrete from the taxiways.

  • Grand Rockster Live Demo – Showing Wide Variety

    Contractors, landscapers, construction/concrete or aggregate recycling and road building companies could check out the performance of Rockster's portfolio.

  • Rockster Impactor R700S in Airy Heights!

    The Rockster R700S is the perfect crusher for this challenging jobsite on a sea level of 2,800 meters where it’s used to process asphalt for maintenance and repair work on the mountain.

  • Rockster is the trend!

    A highlight every 3 years - the trade fair in the active basalt quarry! The Steinexpo customers showed great interest in the new R1000S impact crusher, which was live in action crushing concrete.

  • Show-Parcours with R1000S

    Show Parcours at Apolczer in Germany with various construction machines and the Rockster impactor R1000S as highlight showing its strength in crushing demolition debris.

  • The new R1000S in Detail

    The new impact crusher fills the requirements of the customers to an increased operating and safety comfort and includes a variety of refinements.

  • R800 convinced thanks to the DUPLEX-function

    Rockster's DUPLEX system was the convincing argument for the customer, in the future it will considerably expand his variety of potential jobs.

  • Well Proven - Reinvested

    After 10 years and about 8000 operating hours, it was time for a new investment - the customer's choice was once again the well established R900 impact crusher.

  • R900 - Special Construction for Particular Requirements in Coal Processing

    Rockster impact crusher R900 was adapted to special customer requests for the crushing of coal in the port of Latvia.

  • Sustainability heroes in South Africa

    Johannesburg's official waste management service provider Pikitup uses the Rockster R700S crushers to produce recycled material for road construction and various other projects. Landfills should be minimized, and processes where recycled material can be immediately reused shall be implemented.

  • Recycling of 100,000 Tonnes of Highway Concrete

    5,000 tonnes of concrete per week are processed with Rockster's R1100D and crushed to high quality 0-32mm final grain. This material is reused for stabilization and fillings in road construction.

  • New storage reservoir at Hochkönig

    To build a storage reservoir with about 70,000 m³ capacity and a pumping station, the Rockster impact crusher R900 was used to process all of the rock excavation material recovered from greywacke shale on the jobsite located 1,600 m above sea level.

  • Styrian demolition specialist Fix Recycling relies on Rockster crusher

    Fix Recycling has equipped his Rockster crushing plant with a belt weigh scale and can thus offer his customers an hourly rate per tonne very straightforward - because the motto of the company is "Fair Billing creates good customer relationships".

  • The compact power crusher R700S in use for recycling and aggregate processing projects in Tyrols mountains

    The company Thanner is specialized in recycling of asphalt and construction waste as well as forestry construction. They often need to go up to 1,800 meters on narrow forest roads with their machinery. No problem for the compact impact crusher R700S, which processes the material for road construction on site for immediate use.

  • Innovative Recycling Project In The City Centre Of Beijing with Rocksters Most Compact Impactor R700S

    For the first time recycled asphalt and concrete were crushed directly at the jobsite and reused immediately for road construction. In this case it was essential to have the additionally attached dust suppression on the main belt of the mobile impact crusher R700S.

  • Nomination for Innovation Award - Rockster Hybrid Impact Crusher

    The World Demolition Award is one of the most respectable awards worldwide, concerning the Demolition and Recycling Industry. Rockster's new R1100DE Hybrid Impact Crusher is nominated in the category "Innovations - Serial Product".

  • Recycling of Demolition Debris & Asphalt with Impactor R900

    Giant "Semmelrock" construction site with concrete recycling of 300-400mm feeding material crushed to 0-16mm final material with the Rockster R900 impact crusher including screening system. The perfectly defined final grain in one pass.

  • Rockster DUPLEX system: Crushing hard river gravel in the Colombian jungle

    Hard test for the DUPLEX system: Change from jaw to impact crusher and vice versa in one day to crush very hard, contaminated river gravel (0-500 mm) and production of high quality, cubic final grain 0-25 mm.

  • Rockster's R1100DE destroyed 3 tons of ivory in Paris

    France sets a signal against elephant poaching and crushed tons of ivory seized by French customs with the Rockster Hybrid Impactor R1100DE - a great event in front of the Eiffel Tower.

  • A revolutionary new technology - Rocksters new hybrid impact crusher sets a new benchmark

    In the world of mobile crushers electricity is not often available, so Rockster has implemented the strengths of an electric motor in a hybrid solution. The diesel engine operates nearly constant at optimal speed to drive the generator for the electric motor.

  • Accionamiento hidrostático

    ¡Rendimiento constante y ajuste ideal al consumo de potencia gracias al accionamiento hidrostático!

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