Current Rockster Mission: More Carebbean Feeling

Rockster’s R1100D working in Bermuda where they build a new airport terminal

It is high season on the British Island in the North Atlantic and a lot of tourists come here to relax and enjoy this beautiful archipelago. To keep Bermuda a popular travel destination the infrastructure must be maintained, building a new terminal at the airport is one of such current projects.

One of Rockster’s best dealers in North America, Equip Sales & Leasing Corp. situated in North Haven, CT sold the Rockster R1100D impact crusher to his customer in Bermuda who was ordered to process several areas at the airport for this terminal renewal plan.

“The customer in Bermuda decided to buy the Rockster because it was one of the few machines in his price range that was able to produce consistent 2” minus material for his job. His job included crushing approx. 100,000 cubic yards of material that he excavated, the material mainly consisted of a sandy coralline mixture but there was also some high strength concrete from the taxiways”, says Joe Collazo, sales manager at Equip Sales.

Crushed Material Immediately Reused

During the excavation process material was stock piled and prescreened, the remaining 2 inch plus material was mixed with the concrete to be crushed. Once the excavating was complete the crushed material was then reinstalled and compacted in 1 foot layers, these layers had to meet 100% compaction because they would be driving steel pilings into it during the next phase of job.

R1100D Shows Excellent Performance

The customer from Bermuda purchased the 3 years old impactor Rockster R1100D in May this year and is fully satisfied with the output and the little wear and maintenance efforts. The handling of the crusher is easy for the operators and the screening system for 100% defined final grain is the perfect addition for them, they decide case-by-case to use it or not just by removing or installing the screen in the screen box.

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