Jaw Crusher R800 crushes 280,000 m³ highly reinforced concrete on one jobsite in Russia

Company “Kombinat Stroitel'nykh Detaley” was the largest supplier of reinforced concrete products in the Central Chernozem region of Russia and mostly engaged in the manufacture of the railway tracks and track crossing for the railway infrastructure. Because of bankruptcy, the whole area is sold, and the old buildings and infrastructure needs to be demolished.

Earn Money with Recycling

The Client had the choice either to hand over construction waste for disposal by paying of 150 rubles per cubic meter and additionally to pay for delivery to the landfill, or to produce rubble, which can be sold at an average price of 450 rubles per ton (about 6,2 €/t), and to hand over the reinforcement as a scrap metal. That is, either to lose at least 28 million, or earn 126 million rubles. The answer was obvious.

Backenbrecher R800 Stahlbeton brechen

Why Chosing the Jaw Crusher and not an Impactor?

R800 Backenbrecher bricht Stahlbeton mit 1m KantenlängeFor final stage processing they use the Jaw Crusher Rockster R800 including Screening System, which allows the customer to define the final fraction very precisely. Another important feature for this job is the magnetic separator, as the concrete is highly reinforced.
„After crushing the material comes out already in the requested fraction size and ready for sale. The advantages of this crusher are compact transport dimensions and little weight that do not have special restrictions for transportation. An increased maintenance interval to 1000 hours, low service and usage costs thanks to little wear are further benefits,” says Rockster Russia dealer Maksim Perminov.

Magnetabscheider zum Trennen von EisenGreat Material Flow Despite a lot of Reinforcement

The robust design of the machine is suitable for work on this highly reinforced concrete. The crushing chamber easily copes with the large amount of reinforcement. The magnetic separator separates the metal from the crushed material and withdraws it to the side. The side discharge conveyor placed before the crushing chamber removes very fine and mostly earthy material separated by the 1.2 m long pre-screening, so the flow of material and final grain quality are improved.

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