Minimize operating costs - maximize landfill capacity with track-mounted stackers of Rockster

The use of Rocksters track-mounted stackers helps to minimize operating costs while maximizing landfill capacity

Since the processed material does not have to be translocated as often, as mostly in case under the short conveyor systems of the crushing and screening machines, you will quickly and easily obtain a stockpile size of more than 1000 m³. You save fuel and time and at the same time you make a contribution to the protection of environment.

The existing screening plants can thus be better utilized, because the stacking of the material is no longer needed. The feeders can continuously feed the screen and thereby a considerably improve daily output is done.

Less frequent transfer improves the consistence of the product and reduces contamination. The tracked stackers from Rockster are much easier to move around the job site as there is no need to dismantle parts.

The conveyor belt can be set up by a single person and because of the sophisticated belt guide and optimized hopper maintenance and cleaning work is minimized.

The exceptional construction quality and the quick positioning of the stackers, together with the low purchase prices and the versatility of use, are convincing reasons for investing in Rockster stackers.

The two available Rockster mobile stackers RST18 and RST23 are equipped as standard with a diesel hydraulic drive and a tracked chassis. The conveyor belts also have hydraulic foldable conveyor heads for easy transport. The stockpile belt can be folded in hydraulically and can therefore be transported between the job sites at any time. With a transport weight of approx. 9.5t resp. approx. 12 t, it fits all standard low loaders.

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