The compact power crusher R700S in use for recycling and aggregate processing projects in Tyrols mountains

Thanner in Tyrol trusts in the R700S for his demolition and recycling business

The Thanner GmbH, headquartered in Hart/Zillertal in Tyrol is known for its diverse applications. Whether protection structures, excavation, demolition or recycling, Markus Thanner and his team always do their jobs with a lot of effort and have many years of experience.

"Especially in connection with buildings you can see that a minimization of the total cost is achieved by controlled demolition", says CEO Markus Thanner.

 For that reason, they have upgraded in their field of demolition and recycling and invested in a Rockster Impact Crusher R700S in late summer of last year.

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No Construction Site Too Small, No Forest Path Too Narrow

Due to the compactness of Rockster's R700S it is easy for the team of Thanner to ship the plant with their own truck and smallest jobs are thus easily feasible.
Thanner is also specialized in the construction of forest roads and often has to climb on narrow forest roads up to 1,800 meters in altitude with the machines. With the R700S, the material is then processed for road construction (picture 1 and 3 in use with limestone) on site, and this allows so save about 50 truck loads per day and moreover saves a lot of time and also protects the environment.
R700S Kalkstein brechen - Limestone Crushing

Screening System for High-Quality Asphalt Granulate

In Thanners asphalt operations RAP is processed into asphalt granulate which is used as an adjunct in the road again. Especially for these jobs he appreciates the Rockster screening system. The screen box RS73 and the return belt RB65 make the R700S a complete package for creating quality grain in one operation. The return belt is also designed for a quick and easy use as stockpile belt.

For dust suppression he regularly uses the sprinkler system, which is very effective, and according to Thanner it does simply work with a connected hosepipe.

Collected Experience

Meanwhile, the machine was in use for over 500 hours and Markus Thanner is still convinced of Rockster:

"The two adjustable swing beams are a great advantage, my team hadn't have any blockage so far, what makes them work faster and more efficiently." The good accessibility for all service and maintenance work is also emphasized, as the excellent support of Rockster and Haberl. "I am really more than satisfied with this great machine," says the entrepreneur.

R700S Thanner

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