A revolutionary new technology - Rocksters new hybrid impact crusher sets a new benchmark

Rockster Successfully Launched the First Hybrid Impact Crusher

Rockster has met the challenge and developed a completely new impact crusher for one of the largest French road construction companies, Rockster's Hybrid Impactor R1100DE.
Manufacturers of mobile plants are more and more requested to develop fuel consumption-, noise- and resource-saving technologies.

Impactor R1100D becomes R1100DE

Rockster’s “duplexable” impact crusher R1100D served as the basis of the new machine. This crusher is known mainly for its robustness and its good performance with high crushing ratio of any material. The customer also wanted to increase its flexibility and ordered the preparation for DUPLEX, the patented system that allows switching from a jaw to an impact crusher (and vice versa) within a few hours. Thus, the system increases the ability to adapt to various customer needs and can process their orders more efficiently.

Use of electrification as a hybrid solution

In the world of mobile crushers electricity is not often available, so Rockster has implemented the strengths of an electric motor in a hybrid solution.
The diesel engine operates nearly constant at optimal speed to drive the generator for the electric motor.

R1100DE Hybrid Prallbrecher - Hybrid Impact Crusher

The permanent-magnet technology guarantees:

  • decrease of energy consumption
  • a better engine- and generator-performance
  • maximum performance density with lower weight
  • smaller components

Cushioning of load peaks

Power Caps
Any load peaks are cushioned by condensers - so-called power caps - which buffer the energy. The fuel consumption is reduced and through the use of virtually maintenance-free electric motors also maintenance costs are minimized. With this technology you can save up to 16,000 liters of diesel annually.

Robust technology necessary

All e-components are water cooled and meet the IP65 standard. They are specifically designed for usage in mobile construction machines and protected from dust, dirt and water. Moreover they are resistant to vibration and extreme temperature fluctuations.

R1100DE Hybrid Prallbrecher - Hybrid Impact Crusher

Other highlights

  • The four new variable displacement pumps for the hydraulic system only supply the oil flow, which is actually needed, which reduces losses, saves fuel and ensures a consistently high pumping speed at low or varying diesel engine speed.
  • On the newly designed controller-display any machine parameters and settings are intuitive and easy to read. Carefully evaluated error messages increase a rapid determination and solution of failures and furthermore the ease of use increases the efficiency in the application and enrollment.
  • A hydraulic overload protection of the swing beams also improves the protection from inappropriate material and helps to avoid oversize material.
  • The unique return system, consisting of the two belt return or stockpile conveyor, is installed on one of Rockster’s bigger machines for the first time. With this system dismantling for transport is no longer necessary. You can work with a closed circuit and produce 100% definable final grain as well as the use it as stockpile conveyor with a discharge height of approximately 4 meter.

Optionally, the R1100DE can also be ordered with a grid connection to operate the crusher all-electric.
So further savings are possible, but the electricity in off-road terrain is not always guaranteed.

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