Innovative Recycling Project In The City Centre Of Beijing with Rocksters Most Compact Impactor R700S

Rockster impactor R700S is the first crusher working in the centre of China's capital

There are strict guidelines for building in the centre of Beijing, mainly dust and exhaust gas must be minimized. The company Beijing Yu Long Environment Protection was the first one doing a Recycling job here in Daxing. They used a Rockster Impact Crusher R700S which did a great job.

Processing and recycling on site

Recycling in Peking / Beijing - InterviewFor the first time recycled asphalt and concrete were crushed directly at the jobsite and reused immediately for road construction.

Mr. Huang, manager of the company Beijing Yu Long Environment Protection, says: "The final material produced with the Rockster R700S has an excellent quality, the cubic grain can be optimally used for road construction or any other building materials.”

 He is proud of his first downtown recycling project, processing remarkable 5,500 tons of feeding material. Thanks to the immediate reuse of the crushed material for the construction of the new road, they could additionally save high transport costs and avoid exhaust gases.

Compliments for performance and additional dust suppression

Asphalt Recycling in Peking - Beijing mit Rockster R700S Prallbrecher - Impact CrusherRockster's R700S did a great job and had a very constant output (more than 100 tonnes per hour to a size of 0/32mm) and low fuel consumption. Moreover they were highly impressed by the additionally attached dust suppression on the main belt, which has been specially assembled for such conditions. Throughout the whole recycling process hardly any exhausts or dust emissions were produced.

Recycling Potential in Beijing

Mr. Wang, project manager of Beijing City Road and Bridge Construction Group, says: "It is very important for us to recycle construction waste. So we can protect the environment and save natural resources." It is estimated that only in the city of Beijing, about 40 million tonnes of demolition waste could be recycled with a crusher like the Rockster R700S and about 90% of this rubble could be reused. These figures are impressing and show the big potential for recycling in China.

On Beijing TV, the project is explained in detail and the benefits of the construction waste recycling are highlighted:

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