R1100S on-site recycling c&d

On-site recycling & reusing of demolition debris.
Rockster R1100S tracked impact crusher saving transport costs and producing high quality aggregate in New Haven, Connecticut

Rockster R1100S impact crusher recycling demolition in New Haven, USA

Fig. 1: Rockster impact crusher R1100S with a screening system recycling concrete at a demolition site in a residential area of New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

As a long-lasting Rockster distributor on the east coast of USA, Equip Sales & Leasing Corp. has played a pivotal role in building a customer base for Rockster crushers and with their renting program enabled the realization of many projects. When rented, the crusher comes with a highly trained Rockster operator to release the pressure from the customer and to make sure the project is executed with the highest possible efficiency.

The latest project has been commissioned by the city of New Haven in Connecticut, with a mission to demolish a number of low-income housings in order to make room for new and improved ones. As a specialist in demolition and construction, SRC Construction has been the appointed contractor. Since they are returning customer of Equip Sales & Leasing Corp., they are familiar with Rockster machines and decided once again to go with the reliable R1100S track-mounted impactor.

Rockster R1100S Impact crusher recycling demolition debris at the jobsite
Fig. 2: R1100S recycling mainly concrete with the feeding size of minus 500mm (up to 20”) and crushing it down to 0/32mm (1 ¼”)

On-site recycling / On-site application

One of the main questions when it comes to demolition projects is “where to put all the material”? In order to minimize costs of transport and deposit of end-material some recycle it on spot and others might have to transport it from the demolition site. With Rockster on board, the previously mentioned costs are gone. For the project in New Haven, recycling on-site and reusing the final material on-site have proven to be extremely efficient as well as cost-effective solution. Not only are there saved costs, yet there is an added value in the very production of aggregate on-site. Recycled concrete with the feeding size of roughly
Rockster dust suppression system works magic

The demolition site is located in a residential area and right across the street from the school backyard where children play football daily. In these residential locations, a dust suppression system is a must!
“The Rockster R1100S was perfect for this job. It was across from a school, so the impactor performed great with the dust suppression system. No dust contaminates left the job site.” says Tim, Equip Sales operator who oversaw the project.

Extremely flexible & mobile

“Being mobile worked very well for moving across the site,” says Tim. When it comes to Rockster, one of its main advantages is compact size which makes it extremely mobile. Along with its compact dimensions and weight, it makes the transport from one job site to another very economical and productive. This was the case with this project where the crusher needed to move and due to its track-mounted system and a radio remote control it is like operating a toy.

Rockster R1100S impact crusher recycling demolition in New Haven, USA
Fig. 3: Radio remote control is a standard equipment for every Rockster crusher for easy and efficient operation.

“The R1100S is equipped with a standard magnetic separator. That way I know the iron rebar from the reinforced concrete will be removed and the customer is getting clean material”, approves Tim. Standard equipment on the R1100S impact crusher, aside from the previously mentioned, also includes vibration feeder with 2-ste prescreen, adjustable bypass chute, crusher overload protection, sound insulated engine housing, dust suppression system as well as central control unit with color display. All of these just add to the convenience and ease of operating a Rockster crusher. It makes it uncomplicated for the operator and less down-time & higher and continuous performance for the customer. It’s a win win.

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