Rockster DUPLEX system: Crushing hard river gravel in the Colombian jungle

The Rockster Duplex-System - even in the Colombian jungle it works easily and quickly

Duplex buyers know what they want: Cope with different material requirements on the same machine. How reasonable this solution with the DUPLEX system R800/R900 is, underlines a recent application in southwestern Colombia.
Transport R800-R900 Dschungel
Alfredo Contecha, CEO of the Colombian road construction company "Ingeneria de Vias" and his team had a hard job to do: In the middle of the Colombian jungle, they should turn very hard and polluted river gravel (0-500 mm) into high quality, cubic final material.

Hard Test for the DUPLEX-System

To prove the promised flexibility and ease of handling, the DUPLEX system was subject to a hard practical test by Contecha and his team. After starting the job at 7:00 AM the machine ran for two hours as the jaw crusher R800 produced about 300 tons of pre-crushed material (0-250 mm). The subsequent conversion to the impact crusher R900 was finished at 12:30 PM. At 2:00 PM the impact crusher had finished crushing and produced final grain of 0-25 mm. Hence, it was changed back to jaw crusher and at about 6 PM they could start again with primary crushing. Both changes during one day ran smoothly, although the high humidity, time pressure and a high altitude of the location didn't offer very favorable conditions.
Duplex System R800-R900Duplex System R800-R900

Mr. Contecha was impressed: "We needed a mobile machine with high capacity and a wide range of application possibilities and tested the R800-R900 DUPLEX solution. We took advantage of the jaw crusher for the coarse material and then the impact crusher with screenbox and return belt for secondary crushing. The rapid change of jaw to impact crusher was amazing, and above all the results after crushing with the R900 impactor were convincing: Cubic, clean and classified grain in one operation. With these excellent results I can save a lot of money because the higher the cubic material percentage is, the less need of expensive powder cement I have for producing cement."

Duplex System R800-R900
Rockster's R800-R900 DUPLEX is currently working 2 shifts in the Colombian jungles as it has taken over the work of two other machines with high wear costs. So, the performance and flexibility can be significantly improved by DUPLEX and high rental and operating costs for a second machine can be saved.

So, Rockster can provide this unique technology to a wide range of customers with a variety of different requirements.

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